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Where you been is good and gone
All you keep is the getting there.
-Townes Van Zandt

I've only heard The Cowboy Junkies version, but seeing your quote made me realize I need to look this guy up and wow! Looks like I've got some deep diving to do! Thanks for that!
Thank you for the info on the Ebay neck. I posted some questions there and wanted to PM you to help ensure you see it, but I will post them here as well:

1. what is the neck profile depth at the 1st fret? The seller lists it as 0.9".
Or, does this seem to be a slim, or thicker neck?

2. What is the fretboard radius, or your best guess?

3. Is it unfinished or a thin clear poly, etc.?
I hope you see this message of mine. Even though we are in different countries, I think we have the same guitars. I'm currently upgrading my guitar. I'm waiting for the parts to arrive. How is your guitar after upgrades? Did you change the magnets?
Howdy Whaynes, throw me a deal I can't refuse on that pup, it's what was used in my bass back then ! Thanks bro.
Been playing only thin pics for several months now, I've been enjoying feel, response and tone...
That’s interesting, Jason. As a rookie, I’ve been playing with real thin picks. I just started to move towards a medium thickness pick. So far, I like it!
I used to dig on the Fender California Clears. I'm trying to learn fingerstyle after learning/hearing a bit more about Richie Kotzen and then seeing The Winery Dogs live.
Thanks bro. I don't post much. Didn't land what I was sayin I guess.
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First time on Profiles myself. I guess none of us "Landed" what you are saying. That is nice Grain on that Neck. Most of the time you need to look at Heel Bottom to tell if Quartersawn. My 1985/86 Fender Japanese Thinline Tele had a Sweet Quartersawn. 🤪
Hey, is this where /how I’m supposed to DM you About a custom pick guard for my lefty black 70s classic vibe?
2000 Squier P-Bass Special, 2018 Squier Vintage Modified 70's Stratocaster
I think this is a scammer: Two recent messages about my wanted postsfrom

Henry Obucks

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Mac has Pickguard for Squier Classic Vibe Starcaster for sale in good condition Here’s his email [email protected]

Mac has Mustang Bass Neck for sale in good condition Here’s his email [email protected]