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Fender Jag-Stang, MIM, Sonic Blue with no mods.
LT50 Mustang amp
Mustang Micro headphone amp.
Fender FA-125CE
Squier Affinity Telecaster HH - Metallic Black
Fender Mustang MG-69 Competition Lake Placid Blue - Kurt Cobain Mode with blue headstockl (Tail locked down and a Seymour Duncan hot rail in the bridge)
Freezing, roasting, wet or dry, ...weather no make up mind! Gotta watch guitars' tuning! 😡
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Sounds like a day traveling around on the big island.
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LOL, I wish! But all that's happening to me at home, LOL! We're in for another wet spell til Wednesday, then things should be more drier and warmer...until this weekend when another squall is gonna pass thru the State. 🙄
Building 2 more projects ...before I finished with my previous 4 and started the next 4 projects. 🤪