"Working" on a Song

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    Is there anything more satisfying, or more fun?

    Okay, okay... that you do with your clothes on.

    But to me at least "working on a song" comes pretty close even there.

    Not "learning" a song, mind you. -Something that I only rarely do. Something that to me at least connotes the chore of duplicating someone's else's once had pleasure. But actually working on it. Developing it. Being there as it comes out of the ether.

    Now that pleasure of itself doesn't mean that the "song" is going to be anything special to someone else. But for me at least (and I expect that is so for many of us) such is rather beside the point.

    I have no expectation or being the next "somebody" to storm the music world. Nor even at this point the desire for it. But that creation process... That is something else again. -One that some "somebodies" know, but many others -- those who are basically a product of the 'music biz' -- don't, and maybe never have.

    Watching and listening as a musical idea is born. Then as it learns to crawl. Then toddle. Then, finally, walk (or even run) on its own two feet.

    Do you experience that? Does it make you smile?

    I've been having more musical fun developing "I Went Down to the River" than I have had in years.

    That first video of it -- raw, and largely acoustic -- was named "Take One" because I knew it was just the start. I am now getting close to doing a "Take Two" video -- this one amplified and with my voice filled out some.

    Even that is a voyage of discovery. One allowing for so many choices!

    The guitar is fixed. The Black Holiday suits the song and me so perfectly. But what amp? How 'electric' shall I go -- i.e, which of the Black Holiday's many voices should I use? Clear and warm? Gravely? Over-driven? And what effect should that choice be allowed to have on my own finger expression? Shall such be buried, or allowed to come forth and bloom?

    Unlike the days of yore when due dates were needed and /or studio time and cost were part of the equation, now it is just for the complete and total joy of creation. As much of watching it occur as making it occur.

    The results?

    In truth it's "who knows?" I could well be asking more of myself and the song than my natural talents, voice (and age afflicted fingers) will allow for. -One that makes people have to "be polite" if I ever share what my efforts have led to. But still -- and isn't this what really counts?

    What fun!!! :)

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    Very nice! I'm envious of anyone who can write their own music. Looking forward to take 2...
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