Who has worked on MIJ/MIK Bullet HST pickups?

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    I'm working on the guitar shown below, which is a MIK Bullet HST model, and it appears to use the same pickups as the MIJ version. These pickups are an unusual shape, so not readily replaced without some mods to the body to accept a modern pickup with different bobbin shape. Note the narrow shape of the neck and middle pickup routs in pic 3.

    One of the ceramic bar magnets had fallen off when I removed the pickups. It made me wonder if the plastic bobbin would allow the slugs to be pushed out and replaced with alnico pole pieces, and then I could return these pickups to the guitar. I also wondered if replacing the ceramic bar magnet with an alnico bar magnet would produce good results.

    Has anyone played with these pickups or similar ones? Any suggestions as to whether this is worth the effort?

    I do have a HSS alnico V set in a loaded guard that I was going to install into this body, but before I start enlarging the pickup routs to accept these bobbins, I thought I'd explore reusing the original pickups.

    Thanks for any info.

    HSSbullet1.jpg IMG_20210116_163906197.jpg IMG_20210116_164114915.jpg
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