What's your worst guitar?

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    Keep in mind the term "worst" is relative. The last place contestant in the Miss Universe contest is technically the ugliest woman there, but, you know.
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  2. archetype

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    Oct 24, 2017
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    You're right. :D
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  3. Martyn27uk

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    Oct 25, 2020
    A 1970s MIJ SG copy - "Avon" branded but many identical guitars with different headstock logos were available at the time. Single coil pick-ups hiding under humbucker covers ( since swapped out, I'm told they all had that little con going on ). Why do I still have it? Because I have a picture of me playing it at the tender age of 17. Pure nostalgia for a mis-spent youth. Well, parts of it were mis-spent!
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  4. dbrian66

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    Now that you mentioned it, by forum rules you are obligated to show us this picture! LOL
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  5. Kbking

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    Jan 8, 2019
    IMG_20201014_200332.jpg I love the looks of my deluxe and it sounds great, the pickups has been modified to wrhb specs. But the neck is too wide and to thick for me. It is pretty hanging on the wall, and that is it.
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  6. Razzle

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    Feb 4, 2011
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  7. Doc538

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    Jan 23, 2021
    The truss rod is for adjusting the neck relief, not exactly for action. Once the neck is flat or with a little relief use the bridge to set string height and intonation, If you can't get enough there, you will need to shim the neck. make sure the nut is properly cut to set string height at fret 1 and to allow the strings to move easily when using the trem.
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  8. SixStringFlyboy

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    Oct 29, 2019
    Not sure I'd call it a "worst" guitar, but I do have a least-favorite. Classic Vibe 70s Thinline Telecaster in 3-tone Sunburst. I'm not a fan of the glossed fingerboard, and I just don't vibe with the guitar in general. It's a shame, because it's such a beautiful guitar. The aesthetics are one of the main reasons I bought it, but once I played it at home I completely lost interest.

    I tried selling it recently for much less than I paid new in October 2020, but no one was interested.

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  9. lanerj

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    Jul 12, 2021
    I've got this old Ibanez RG170. Only thing that's got me keeping it is sentimentality since it was my first lol. It's got the worst neck I've every played, the thing is TWISTED. I've done everything short of replacing the neck and its just bad, its worse than a piece of pine building lumber. Not that I'd want new pickups anyway since its cheap all-round, sharp and grating ceramic pickups, that awful Squier style trem, and the same boring piano black body as every other cheap guitar. I got a Squier cheaper in Iowa on a trip and its been my workhorse ever since, and it was cheaper!.

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  10. Doc538

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    Jan 23, 2021
    Not really real bad, but it was the worst one ever. I sold my 2006 Mexi Tele to a guy who wanted to also trade for it, he came with a very nice orange Gretch, cash, and my choice of one of two Squire Strats. It was a solid, great deal. I chose the black heavy as hell strat over the light red one figuring if I ever got back up on the stage I would keep it there for protection :D Two pups were dead, action lousy, neck curved. I got the neck flat and filed some frets, shimmed the neck and ended up with nice action, installed a preloaded guard from Amazon and ended up with a decent Squire which I then sold for $150.00. Reality had set in, I was never going on stage again, and I do like money. Can't seem to find photo of Squire.

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  11. aiaosu

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    Apr 22, 2017
    I found a Gretsch Jet that was thrown away with a broken headstock. When I looked closer, I noticed the serial number was scratched out and there was super glue all over the place (poor attempt at headstock repair).

    Since it's most likely stolen, I can use it to practice repairs and such but can't ever resell it or resell parts from it.

    I repaired the headstock and it's almost ready to try out, so maybe it will end up being a player. Who knows?
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  12. Brn2run

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    May 24, 2015
    Don't have any guitars I don't love (I only have 4). But the only guitar I ever had that I couldn't wait to get rid of was an Epiphone EJ200.
    Beautiful but a massive body with a huge baseball bat neck. Traded it for a Martin Shenandoah 00028 about 27 years ago. Love the Martin.
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  13. LoveRock69

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    May 1, 2019
    Squier CE (player Pack?) Strat. The neck just isn't quite right for me. And the bridge is just cheap junk. I did upgrade the tuners and pups. But reluctant to make the investment in a new bridge. If I do, it'll be a hard-tail and all brass. I also have a graphtec nut to drop in to replace the original plastic - someday.
  14. Kbking

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    Jan 8, 2019
    I have the same guitar ( I replaced the pickguard with a black one. the white one are just to damn ugly) take a kitchen sponge, with the green side polish the ( guitar) neck and you will get the smoothest feeling neck.
    images.jpeg IMG_20210927_223355.jpg
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  15. musicalmartin

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    Jun 27, 2010

    Vintage Zip bought for a few pounds and fitted with a modified cheapo acoustic sound hole gold foil type pickup stuck on . Sounds and plays great .Like a mini Junior .,The poor paintwork will be covered by some 59 club motorcycle stickers and some Jack Daniels maybe .I was an original club member in the 60's so no cheating.I have modified it since to make it a screw on pickup and wired into the guitar .
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  16. Guitdog44

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    Sep 7, 2020
    You may need to shim the neck.
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  17. StormCaster

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    Sep 13, 2020
    Yes the guitar shipped to me with I think 12s on it. With a capo on 1st fret and holding down the 6th string on last fret it had like 5 mm gap at the 7th fret lol. I have strung a set of 9s on it and left it to relax a bit then I will go over it again. When I tried lowering the bridge saddles to much it started fretting out past the 12th fret. I am thinking it will need a shim and possibly a fret level. I can probably shim it but don't know if i want to deal with fret leveling. I will probably look at it later today. Thanks for your info and insight. :)
  18. Cdngtrplyr

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    Jun 20, 2021
    An electric Washburn "Hanna Montana", need I say more? The reason it's still around is that I'll try all guitar mods on it before I do anything to anything else I own.
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  19. Randall E

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    Oct 3, 2021
    Central California

    Here it is and it was my first guitar when I was 15. A $29 Sears Silvertone. Should have been called "Never Stay in Tone" or "Don't Worry, the Next Time you Play, it will be in a Different Key." The nut had an issue and two of the strings never sounded right, no matter what strings I used or how I tuned it. This was such a piece of junk, I did not play guitar for many years. The most fun I had with it was when I did my impression of the Who and smashed it to pieces.

    However, If you want to know what my worst guitar is now? Out of my four guitars, it would be my 1980 Model 680 Lotus. And, it's actually a pretty nice guitar. Pictured in profile.

    Thanks for asking and I am enjoying this thread.
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  20. Lanaka

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    Feb 11, 2020
    Honolulu, HI
    Worst huh? These two are currently my "worst" guitars (along with one more). They came to me as a pair for 30$US total. I bought them on a whim. For $30, what the heck, they looked interesting at least.

    Seller's Pics "Broken Guitar" (sic)
    OU01 - 92ee8b8a0cd54201b05a08e560ec1b25.jpg

    The one on left has a brass plate riveted to the headstock saying "Artisan."
    Artisan Headstock CM(2340²).jpg

    I suspect it's an old kit guitar. It's missing it's pickguard and the greenish stains around where it was suggested it too was brass. Also missing are the nut, saddle bar, and all electronics. The bridge is totally rusted. Oh, and the body is completely unfinished.

    "Artisan" electric guitar, c. 60s-70s.
    Artisan CC S CVBMF (3000x3500).jpg

    An interesting feature is the easily fattest 50s style baseball bat style neck I ever have that is bolted to body with a single hex bolt and fender washer. But the neck has an incredible grain! OTOH, the body is very obviously made of plywood laminate and the face has meh ok grain. Only reason why I kept it is that it's such an odd looking guitar that I'll try cleaning it up, rout a real pup cavity, paint the whole thing (thinking of trying to brush on a 2-tone furniture lacquer for a transparent black burst style, similar to my Western guitar, below), cut a custom brass pickguard, install new electronics and a 3 humbucker sized P90s, replace the broken tuners, fix the scale length AND install a hardtail bridge with saddles.

    "Western" guitar, c. 60-70s.

    The second guitar of this pair is a 60s-70s Kingston Swinga.

    While THIS guitar still has it's metal pickguard everything else is missing except for it's bridge. BUT the fretboard scale length, like the Artisan and Western, wants the saddles at where the bridge is located. The bolt-on neck is GLUED to the body, I HOPE the neck has been glued in straight! I'll check once I've scared up a set of tuners and put in the E strings. If it's off then off goes the useless string anchors and a Strat/Tele hardtail bridge will be installed in correct place.

    I'll also need get a new nut, string retainer bar, and all electronics. I'll need to make a copy of original metal pickguard, with new pups and control holes.

    The body obviously has been repainted at least twice (incompletely stripped or painted, I cannot tell) and a god-awful bondo job has been done to the front left side. It's so ugly that it's paradoxically cool!

    With it's swimming pool pup rout, I can go crazy (as the old Kingston/Teiscos often were) with the pup and controls. Like the Artisan, I have enuff room for another pup in the original saddles' location. Perhaps 4 mini-humbuckers, 2x 3 way rocker switches, 2 master volumes and 2 master tones. I'll have to expand the control rout and the pickguard. I'm gonna leave the ugly botched finish alone (aside from spraying a satin clear to seal the bondo).

    The third "worst" guitar is the aforementioned c. 60s-70s "Western" guitar I bought for 70$US along with a period correct chipboard "hard" case. Altho it is in near mint condition, with a lovely black-yellow burst, one of the tuner's peg shaft has broken off (looks like the gear itself has shattered into 2 pieces) and like the other two guitars, the scale length points to the saddle supposed to being located right where the strings hooks into the anchors, almost 2 inches below the primitive "saddles." This guitar has such lovely finish that I'm reluctant to move the saddles suspecting that there will be a mismatched pair of lighter rectangles under the saddle bases. I'm probably will be limited to cowboy chords with this guitar...after I replace the tuners.

    The Artisan has been tentatively named "Momona," (Fat) in reference to the neck or "Kameanoʻeau," (The Artisan).

    The Kingston Swinga will be named "ʻInoino," (Ugly).

    The Weatern is named "Konohana," (Western).
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