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What would you drop $200 on?


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Jan 30, 2023
ound this guy who’s selling a ton of guitars. Has a Korean 95 VN5 HSS gold label squier strat, a Korean 89 E series Squier tele, and a probably fake tele with fender parts. All $200. So basically 89 E9 MIK, 95 VN5 MIK, or a possibly sketchy Parts-caster. What would you buy and why?


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Jul 19, 2016
Tulsa, OK.
i would look closer at the sketchy partscaster ... could be a real Fender Tele neck, and partscasters fequently have nice pickups. $200 could be a good deal here (if the neck is a fake, then prob not so much tho)
Pretty sure OP had this on reddit a couple days ago, I don't think that neck is Fender at all, that decal is pretty odd looking when you blow the picture up.


Dec 11, 2020
Lucerne, California
I'm a sucker for a bound Tele, I was thinking that might be the one I'd take. But thinking a little more, I remember Xaviere (GFS) making bound Tele's that look a lot like that. Sure enough, I bet it's more likely than not this guy with a replaced switch tip and an F-word decal:

Xaviere Bound Tele

If that's what it is, they'd cost you $219 plus shipping and taxes to buy one new, so $200 isn't outrageous. Even better if you could talk him down a little.

Of course, it's possible that it's just a GFS body and the other components come from who knows where.

Maybe other members can chime in with experience about Xaviere's quality, I can't speak to that. I just know they look quite nice with that binding.


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Jul 14, 2021
Norman, OK USA
I have a e9 and it’s in ok shape.
Needed tuners, bridge, everything but the wood. But $200 is a great price imo.
I haven’t played a VN so not sure how they compare