What part does Music play in your life?

gary mitchell

Aug 23, 2019
It played quite a bit in my younger days I had a guitar in ky hands all the time it seem like, today I listen to Pandora over my car radio so I can listen to what I want. But at 71 years old my giving days are very few. Once in a while I will go out with a friend and we will do small venues and I will play bass for him. I don't buy as many instruments as I use to I use to lust for them, right now I have a AMS Fender Telecaster a Stratacaster , a Epiphone Masterbilt I bought new when in 2008, I have a hollow body Ktonemy grandson gave me I am just now putting some Gretsch type pickups in. I have a Ibanez Bass and a Laklank 3TBS 34 Hollowbody bass. I have a Rivera 50 watt Clubster Royale combo a old Drive acoustic amp and a GK MB200 15 bass amp and a Markbass Jeff Berlin 151p bass amp at church. My main gig now is church I have been playing bass and guitar maybe 30 t0 35 years praise and worship for church, the church I going to now I have been playing bass for 15 years. So I am happy what I am doing and I have everything I need right now. Everything I have now fits me like a glove I am use to and I don't want to change if you get what I mean I like my sound. Music is the sound of your feelings the songs of your heart and it brings love to people and peace