What are the three bands that define who you are?


Jul 8, 2012
Tropical F*** Storm
Frank Zappa

I picked up a guitar because I wanted to be Randy California from Spirit.
My writing style is kind of like Frank Zappa because he was all over the map.
Tropical F*** Storm is my current favorite band because Gareth Liddiard may be the most creative artist on the planet where noise/punk is concerned.

Grateful Dead is in there as a runner up because..come on...Jerry Garcia...


Nov 27, 2015
grrrrrr-ranite state!!
Led Zeppelin
Grand Funk Railroad*

I kind of wanted to put the Beatles because they put the guitar playing bug in me back in 1964, but I never even owned anything by them until around 2007 or so. As such, I don't have that mental playlist of their songs or albums like I do the three bands above.

Rolling Stones I at least had one album, Sticky Fingers. Then a bunch of other bands like Blue Oyster Cult. Eagles. Thin Lizzy. Deep Purple. Allman Brothers. And certainly not least, The Grateful Dead (inspiration for my favorite screen name)

*Eric Clapton in all his forms probably should be higher than Grand Funk but that's not really what I call a band. Hendrix I didn't put because I considered his playing far beyond my mere mortal capabilities.


Apr 10, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal
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My very first contact with Rock music! I was perhaps 6 years-old and had received from McDonald's a music video CD for their cover of Big in Japan. Pretty cool stuff and great memories, still like the band to this day:

Ozzy Osbourne
It wasn't until my teens that I'd revisit Rock and Metal. I was obsessed with the game GTA San Andreas and, particularly, with its awesome in-game radio stations. If the entire playlists are quite nostalgic these days, a song that really caught my attention was Ozzy's Hellraiser. Thanks to the game, I've found many awesome artists that really shaped my music tastes (and personality, perhaps!):

Wild Nothing
Finally, over the past few years, my music tastes have became broader, perhaps all thanks to a finding on the daily mix playlist of Spotify - a song called Confirmation, by Wild Nothing. I was fascinated with the dreamy vibe of the song and, soon enough, would find myself deep in the world of Indie and Dreampop:



Jul 8, 2012
Seen this ? :)

When I found all his music, I scoured the internet for any bit of info on Spirit/Randy, went to the last remaining record store in my area for a ton of CDs (the had all the posthumous Randy releases in stock, even out of print ones...) Then I went to the 'Zon for the titles they didn't have (Rapture In The Chambers is pretty hard to find....) and even bought the DVD "The Model Shop" because they did the soundtrack. The longtime Toledo deejay I worked with said he was at this concert but couldn't promote it on air because a competing station was promoting it.


May 29, 2014
The Monadnocks, NH USA
I, too, am finding this thread interesting. And more, opening up possible doors to for me "new" music.

none. To be perfectly honest, I don't know anything about bands and artists in general. Who played/sang what and which song .. no idea. All I pay attention to is whether I like it or not. Trivia expert I am not.

And there you are not alone.

Odd in my case, at least perhaps (and/or in appearance) because my early life playing with bands so shaped the person I became and the ife that thus naturally followed.

But even when as a much younger person I was truly "into" bands, I wasn't a hero worshipper. Nor, even, a person who particularly cared about band personel and history. I liked this for a time. Liked that. Tolerated "the scene" to the degree necessary to hear the music, but that was it for me.

That doesn't prevent me from digging other people's work. Just makes it more like a painting on the wall. I may find it greatly interesting -- enough to study it even. (What gives it such power?) But that's it. No desire to "buy" it. Certainly no desire to imitate it myself.

Just g;ad that oter people have their own lives and choose to share some of what they create. And ditto for myself.

"Live life. Love life,"


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Oct 30, 2019
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Zeppelin - Album Favorite Physical Graffiti
Sabbath - " Sabatoge'
Van Halen - "Debut Album"

Runner Up: Yes - "The Yes Album"/Fragile (A Tie)
2nd Runner Up - Rainbow "Rising"

These are my favorites, no doubt.
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