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    Jun 20, 2018
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    I feel like I'm finally at the point I was looking to get to a couple of years ago, when I first started getting back into electrics. When I finish this latest Tele build, my guitar collection should pretty much cover any range of tones and styles that appeal to me, my Taylor acoustic is all I'll ever need in that department, got my son's old Yamaha bass if I want to get low-down.
    What I originally had in mind was to get to a point equipment and technique wise to be able to dabble in some ,at least in a limited capacity, in-house recording. I think I'm about to the point of starting down THAT rabbit hole.
    Been checking into one of the smaller Monoprice mixers, maybe the 10 channel. Seems to have all the features I'd need for a small, apartment friendly board. They do seem to get good reviews, especially for the price. Run that into a DAW on my laptop. Currently playing around with Audacity. The layout seems the most natural to me. Checked out Tracktion, but the interface is (to me at least) too complicated.
    Guess I really have 2 main questions. Does anybody have any experience with the MP mixers? and also, how do you deal with the latency issue in Audacity? Look forward to hearing from folks, I know some of you do some really nice recording, so hopefully ya'll can steer me right!
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