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    So, a buddy of mine came over to jam and work on some songs last night... And bless his heart, he's the WORST corksniffer I've ever seen; He "settled" for a Mexican Fender Strat, then dragged it on a parking lot because "Strats look better all beat up, and besides, I only paid 400 bucks for it, it's trash..." The ONLY inexpensive gear that's "decent" is HIS cheap gear... He looks down on basically all of my Squiers, Harley Bentons, Epiphones, and Kokko pedals... Won't even TOUCH 'em... Guess he's scared he might get some "poor" on him... Lol... But his Line 6 equipment? "Dude... It SERIOUSLY SURPRISED me... It's... Actually... Decent..."

    We ALL know guys like that... So, we're sittin around jammin and of course, inexpensive gear comes up, and he brings up his new Black Star amp cause it only cost him around $400... And he's goin on and on about it, and he brings up how it's got a "voice" control... And I ask what it does, and he says "It's just a different tone..." And I said, "yeah, but what does it actually DO?" And he said "It CHANGES the tone..." And I said, "Yeah, I get that... But what does it ACTUALLY DO to the tone to make it different? Is it some kind of EQ, or what?" To which he replied: "No... It just makes the tone DIFFERENT..."

    And I realized right then that I wasn't gonna get ANYWHERE with him, or that conversation... Then he brings up how it's also got a knob that changes the sound from an American type amp to a British type amp, and after just a couple carefully worded questions, I realized that he has NO idea even what THAT means...

    But that got me thinkin, and instead of just Googling it, I wanted to know what YOU guys say... What does a "Voice" button or knob actually do? I know several different products use the term, and they're probably all a lil different... But my guess is that it usually has to do with EQ... More specifically, mids... I don't think it usually changes the gain stage, or changes from soft clipping to hard clipping or anything, but I'm shootin in the dark, here... Lol...

    But I also realized that there's probably a TON of guys out there who ONLY like the gear that they like... They'll NEVER EVEN TRY anything if it's not their usual stuff... And sometimes they don't even know WHAT it does, or WHY they even like it...

    He's like that, ESPECIALLY with his pickups... He ONLY uses Seymour Duncan, and a specific two (one for bridge, one for neck)... He goes on and on about "brand loyalty" and how Seymour Duncan are OBVIOUSLY superior because of the QUALITY of the copper they use, etc... And how there ARE SOME other "decent" pickups out there, but IF they were ANY good they'd cost the same as SDs... But when you ask him WHY he'll ONLY use those 2 kinds of SD pickups, he doesn't know... Just that they "just sound good"...

    Now, I AM curious what "voice" controls do, but I really just wanted to vent a little... I know it takes ALL kinds, and everybody has a different opinion, but corksniffers REALLY get my hackles up, lol... Really ANY kind of snob... I know they're entitled to their opinions, and guitarists are some of the PICKY-EST people I know... But it kinda flies in the face of EVERYTHING I stand for, and it's hard...

    So, I'm curious... In addition to askin you guys about "voice" controls, I also wanna know what the WORST corksniffer behaviour you've ever seen?

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    The VOICE knob on Blackstar amps DOES change the tone from british to american - ish.....

    Now what does that mean? Well, they can't say MARSHALL or FENDER.....trademark issues.....basically the british type tone is Marshall, thick, fat, beefy, sustainy, grainy, gritty.......turn the knob more to the other side you get American which is Fender, the brighter, bit more shrill and glassy, thinner type of overdrive/distortion.....

    If you want a really complicated explanation, look up 'Q FACTOR' when it comes to pickups, guitar wiring, and amps etc....


    That link above talks about and applies to pickups, not amps, but you get a kind of explanation as to what a variable Q factor knob might do.....

    Corksniffer stuff usually I encounter when selling higher end Squier guitars - people say 'something made in China can't be that expensive' or "Squier is crap, I'll give you $75 (when I'm asking $300-400)" or "I'd be interested if it was Mexican or American"
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    Sep 2, 2015
    As I understand it, a "voice" is a particular set of DSP functions, usually created to mimic the properties of a specific amplifier.
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    He sounds very young. (No offense to young people who are smart.)
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    Jul 25, 2015
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    Did he really drag a Strat in a parking lot? :eek:
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    I think that might just be the greatest comment ever! LOL!!!
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    We’ve all seen these kinds of people, seems like you had a fun experience with him lol :D

    Nice to see you back SquierTap :)
  8. I've heard older people that "sound very young".
    Cheers, Barrie.
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    The Bugera G5 has a "Morph" knob of the from that goes from American to British.
    I also find it interesting how companies like Positive Grid name their amp models.
    Like '69 Plexiglas V2.
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    Exactly. :)
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    You even see it here. Chicom guitars or anything made in China is crap. Funny that when some of the best bodies and necks Squier has ever sold are the NC / YN series. Originally CV's were Chinese made, and reading here it is my understanding they have returned for at least part of the CV line. If Chinese guitars are crap, why are the top of the line Squiers and many other brands all over the spectrum, Made/Crafted in China?

    I don't know all the various brands, but Jay Turser's original line of semi-hollow bodied guitars, all made in China in the 90's and early 2000's, sell for as much or more likely more (I seen them up to 3X the original selling price). Doesn't sound like junk to me. Austin's, another SLM brand (almost always great stuff at reasonable prices) were made in China. I've never checked, but I'm sure several if not all SLM brands are now Chinese.

    I honestly believe a large portion of the cork sniffers have ego/self esteem/doubt problems. If they choose to play or have an inexpensive guitar, what would so and so think. Also how would they justify the big bucks spent for the top 'name brand' guitars, if you can get the same sound and playablity (or very close) from a inexpensive guitar?
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    I have a Blackstar Fly 3 mini amp with the second cabinet. It too has the "voice" control on it, labeled "ISF." The description in the manual says exactly what your corksniffin' buddy said--to the left is American sound, to the right is British. In my ears it is a tone control, specifically a mid tone control. The British sound is scooped mids, and the American sound is peaked mids. It also has a more normal EQ knob that rolls off the lows and increases the highs to the right; opposite effect turned to the left.

    I can get what I think are pretty good tones out if it, especially considering how small this amp really is. 6W total with the expansion speaker. This amp has one 3" or so speaker in it with a bass port (same in expansion cabinet). I don't care for the overdrive on it--it sounds more like fuzz than actual drive. I've been toying with the idea of trying a OD pedal with it, but I haven't decided what to use.

    As far as corksniffin' goes--I haven't played with anyone else for years. IMO, a good setup matters more than the name on the headstock.
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    Sep 2, 2015
    Here's Blackstar's explanation of the ISF control:

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    Ain't it great to know these are great guitars and cork sniffers are morons .... Lol
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    Jan 27, 2019
    I have a tone cut knob on my amp that I never use.
  16. Davis Sharp

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    Same with the G20. My ears perceive the Brit setting as more gain.

    The Fender Champion/Super Champ also has voices that (again, to my ears) increase the gain. Tweed > Blackface > Vox > Marshall, etc.
  17. DougMen

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    Jun 8, 2017
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    The ISF control is just like the contour control on some older Marshall amps, and the voice control on the Joyo American Sound and Dumble simulator pedals like the Zendrive, and Tomsline Dumbler, counterclockwise is scooped mids, and clockwise is boosted mids, as you can hear in the Blackstar video. And, since Blackstar's designers used to work for Marshall before they left and started Blackstar, they probably designed those Marshall amps with the contour control.
    And, most Blackstar SS/Modeling amps, such as the ID-TVP, ID Core, and Silver Series, which is the updated ID-TVP series, have six amp voicings, two clean (one warm, and one bright), crunch, super-crunch, and OD1 and 2. I'm not sure what the clean ones are, but on my ID15-TVP the crunch and super crunch sounded liked cranked BF Fender type amps, with super crunch just having more gain. And, OD1 and 2 are higher gain still, like a modern Marshall, MB, EVH 5150, Soldano, or similar amps.
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    I completely ignore these types of people.

    some GK amps, I think it is, have a control called “air”.

    My GK has a contour. It’s flat (where I always leave it) or it shifts the EQ like a wave across frequencies.

    Voice on Joyo pedals (Tech 21) shift frequencies, different response shifts.

    they’re all different, what’s in a name? What if you were blind, what do your ears hear?
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    I have a Blackstar ID:30 TVP with a voice control. The TVP (True Valve Power) emulates different tube compliments.

    thumbnail_IMG_5590.jpg thumbnail_IMG_5591.jpg
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    Dec 28, 2017
    Absolutely offense to “young people who are smart”! Those are the ones that think you are “old” and “stupid” and that they know everything! ...and you don’t.
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