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Vintage Modified - show yours


Nov 29, 2016
West Coast Landia
Say “Hello” to my little friend. After a little clean up, this baby’s a player!

Still regret not looking into one of those MII red Strats with super-red MOT guards. They had one for a decent price (at the time) at a now-closed local pawn shop. This was before I had seen the Squier “light,” and found the finish a bit over the top.

Nowadays I would be like “Yeah, good bang for the buck!”


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Squier Talker
Feb 3, 2023
Tampa, Fl


Sep 22, 2020
North America
Love that 3rd pick up below the bridge on the Candy Apple Red Jaguar. Beautiful Red P/G. Please tell us what inspired the 3 pickup and how does it sound? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Thanks VT28. I noticed when I started playing the Jazzmasters and Jaguars how much chime and sympathetic resonance you could hear behind the bridge. I had been curious for a long time about what it would sound like to put a pick up back there, and to magnify that. It felt like a gamble, I thought there was a strong possibility I wouldn’t get anything musical from it at all. Here’s an initial video that shows, in the plainest way, what it sounds like without any manipulation or accentuation at al:


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Mar 19, 2023
Northwest FL
Metallic Cobalt Cyclone and a first-run burst '51 that I bought from Sam Ash for something ridiculous like $80. Love both of them:


While it isn't an actual VM, I also just pulled the trigger on a Sonic Grey Bullet Mustang to tinker with. :)