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    Jul 26, 2018
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    I have been de-gassing (boooo! I know) for several months. I have taken the pennies made from guit fiddle sales and put in a new amp savings piggy bank. I've been salivating for a small tube amp for quite a while. Yet the only decent deals I have found in the local used market have been SS. The only tube amp with less than 90% new price was a Bugera V22, but that is not what I consider a practice amp.

    I have read your posts and listened to dozens of yootoob vids on the smaller Bugera, Vox, Fender, Marshall, Blackstar, Laney, and two Monoprice models. Features which ultimately sold me was switchability to 1 watt, simplicity, and spring reverb. Oh yeah, a 12" speaker to boot.

    Out of respect for @SquierTap I will not give much of a review for my Monoprice 15 watt Stage Right. Out of frustration I ordered it a few nights ago. Yes, I'd done my homework before deciding. Mostly. Frustrated by people who say one thing with little intention of following through (reference trading gear). I actually found SquierTap's "mono" post and subsequent rockin' reggae tune the following day while searching for info on tubes or having spare tubes. I now have read every post in both threads. Bless your heart ST, your patience will be rewarded. If not with a new amp, something else.

    OK, I've gotta admit chuckling while reading his dilemma. Not laughing at him. No, far from it. Laughing at myself because I had missed numerous posts in his threads about this amp. I probably would not have bought it had I read his posts. I would not have much confidence in QC in his case. Something so simple yet essential. Now my waiting and anticipation was antsy. Foggy tubes, no good.

    Using my pocket knife I cut the tape around the box. Opening flaps I discover---it was packed upside down. While allowing it to warm up I read the one (small) page instructions. It included, under the 'volume' instruction, saying "crank it up". Simple and to the point.

    So far so good. Works as described and as members here suggested. Well, most members here.
    EDIT: Ordered through Zmazon, not MP. amp tubes.jpg
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    I would have thought that @SquierTap would enjoy a thoughtful review. Sort of like reading the descriptions of toys in a Sears catalog around Christmas. :)

    (How is Zmazon pronounced?)
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    Jul 26, 2018
    Backwoods, USA
    I'm not sure of your age. But from motorcycle stuff you've talked about, 70s stuff, I'm guessing you can appreciate my Sears catalog memories.
    I wanted a mini bike so badly in the mid-late 60s I memorized their specs in the catalogs. Some had spring suspension and 5 HP! Haha. Seems like the bare bones basic 3.5 horse was $199. Gotta love the scrub brake.

    I never got a mini bike. If I could gear one of those fat tire models way down one could be handy in my little outback.

    The amp--I'm still learning and listening. I can say my P90s and buckers sound smooth and sweet. More experienced tubers have much more articulate reviews.
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    That's my minibike story too! I rode one once and loved it, and must have spent hours reading about the ones in the Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs. I didn't get one until I was probably 18 or so, when I traded three blank TDK cassette tapes for a Rupp that a friend was discarding. By 20 I had the 1972 H2, so I made up for lost time. :)

    Have fun with the new amp. When I got my MP15 I was dumbstruck with how much it delivered.
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    Jun 10, 2018
    HNAD! I have the same amp and really like it.
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    Jul 14, 2018
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    Congrats! I say, "Knock it out!" Do a review for sure! Just to be honest, I was really surprised that you were so respectful and thought of me like that! Lol... I'd love to hear what you have to say about 'er...
    I took mine back on Sunday, and she was supposed to ship back to Mono on Monday mornin... So I'm countin about a two week wait...

    But as far as QC, I'm glad you didn't see my post and have that put ya off... I HONESTLY don't think it's a QC issue... I'm being serious when I say, that I HONESTLY believe it's just me, lol... You can ask the guys on here, I have the CRAPPIEST luck when it comes to ordering stuff and having it delivered, on time, and in tact, lol... As far as I know, the original Harley Benton flame maple P-90 Tele that I ordered is STILL sittin in customs! Lol... They had to send me a replacement...
    But, oh well... They say "Lucky in love, un-lucky in cards"... And man, do I suck at cards, lol! I have a roof over my head, a gorgeous, funny, bass playing, enabling wife, and 3 kids that love "DaddyMan" to death... So I can deal with some B.S. luck on a few of the little things, lol...

    Oh, and thanks for what you said about my lil "Waitin' On The Mono" song, too... That actually really surprised me... It was just a joke, really... I took a crappy situation and turned it into a song... Like I've done COUNTLESS other times... And even though it was just a lil "joke", and I only had about 5 hours into it, and hastily threw it together,
    everyone seemed to enjoy it... I got several compliments on how good it sounded and it REALLY served to prove a point to me... If people really seem to dig something that I just threw together, I bet my "real" music that I actually DO spend a lot of time on, would be well received as well...
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    Jun 20, 2018
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    HNAD! Glad it came in O.K., now wring it out for a few days and let us know your take on it. I predict there's fun to be had!
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    Enjoy! I'll be watching for the review.
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    Jul 26, 2018
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    I understand fully. In my world it is called conspiracy. Similar happened to me last year when I was influenced, ahem, to get on the $50 sycamore WallyWorld Tele deal. I thankfully have omitted the brand from my TBI damaged brain.

    Yesterday, however, while unpacking the amp the lyrics to your tune were fresh in my mind--the knife, packed upside down...oh my!
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    HNAD bro !
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