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    Feb 18, 2020
    This is Wisconsin, BB64. She had an operational....mis-adventure 6 May, 1956.

    What's interesting is how she was repaired.

    Six Iowa-class ships had been ordered, but the end of the war was the end of construction for Illinois and Kentucky.

    Kentucky was something like 70% complete, so the damaged bow was cut off Wisconsin and the bow of Kentucky put in it's place . From that point, her crew sometimes called her "Whiskatucky" .

    In a rare moment of lucidity, government decided to use more of Kentucky rather than throw it all away. The propulsion plant (8 boilers, and 4 engine sets) were used to power USS Sacramento and USS Camden, Fast Combat Support Ships.

    Those things were fast. We raced one once, and I don't think our captain knew what he was up against. I'd heard "Now onboard Mispillion, all hands stand by for heavy acceleration." I was topside and watched Camden just go bye-bye...