Thanks for the addition to the forums from Orlando area.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by bigdaddyooo, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. bigdaddyooo

    bigdaddyooo Squier Talker

    Jun 20, 2020
    Orlando, Fl.
    Hi, I am Mark originally from Boston but reside in the Orlando area for the past 20 yrs. In 1985 my wife bought me a guitar for Christmas and with me being an instant gratification kinda guy, well you know frustration set in. I can tell you on 1 hand how many times I tried to play it so it sat in it's Fender case for the past 35 years. It is showroom quality. Its not a Strat, It's not a Tele so what is it? It is an E series serial number. I have seen on and other sites that these things are commanding $400-700.00. That is insane for a 199.oo guitar with Fender amp package. Here are some photos. IMG_0192.JPEG IMG_0191.JPEG IMG_0197.JPEG IMG_0188.JPEG IMG_0195.JPEG
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  2. MI redneck

    MI redneck Squier-Meister

    May 7, 2020
    New guys are expected to bring beer...

    You brought beer, right?


    Nice geet, Mark. Welcome aboard!
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  3. bigdaddyooo

    bigdaddyooo Squier Talker

    Jun 20, 2020
    Orlando, Fl.
    Oh absolutely. Lol I am guzzling them now
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  4. MI redneck

    MI redneck Squier-Meister

    May 7, 2020
    Yeah, just one other thing...

    New guys are expected to SHARE the beer!
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  5. Kenneth Mountain

    Kenneth Mountain Squier-Axpert

    Welcome to SquierTalk - Congrats on holding on to that guitar !
  6. BlueTele

    BlueTele Squier-Meister

    Aug 29, 2019
    Waleska, Georgia
    Welcome aboard. Great photos, great guitar.
  7. You might have a bit of a drive ahead of you. :D
    Cheers, Barrie.
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  8. Michael7

    Michael7 Dr. Squier

    Here are all the colors it was offered in!

  9. MI redneck

    MI redneck Squier-Meister

    May 7, 2020
    I'll have to stay awhile to make it worth the trip. I hope he's got plenty of beer!
  10. Shine

    Shine Squier-Meister

    Nov 29, 2016
    Rings of Saturn
    Cool guitar and welcome. In the words of Harry Belafonte, "Play dat ting!"

    And now that you mention it, it is Beer O'clock out here in the West!:D
  11. mozilla

    mozilla Squier-Meister

    Jun 10, 2020
    Austin Texas
    Welcome aboard! Sweet looking axe.
  12. squierbilly

    squierbilly Dr. Squier

    Apr 21, 2013
    sunny phoenix
    Welcome to Squier Talk,,
    It took so long, that now you have a time capsule..
    The good news is we have internet with You Tube now..
    But i guess you know this so whats the first song you wanna learn?..
    May i suggest
  13. Dana Rudd

    Dana Rudd Squier-Meister

    Mar 9, 2020
    Greybull, WY
    Welcome to the forum. Good looking guitar.
  14. Triple Jim

    Triple Jim Squier-holic

    Welcome to the board!

    It sounds a bit like you're planning to sell it, rather than learn to play it. Keep in mind that $199 in 1985 is about $448 now, due to the smaller dollars, so to break even you'd need to get that much.
  15. bigdaddyooo

    bigdaddyooo Squier Talker

    Jun 20, 2020
    Orlando, Fl.
  16. MrYeats

    MrYeats Squier-holic

    Dec 28, 2017
    South Texas Coast
    Welcome to the forum. That pristine Bullet there will be good trade fodder but don't go to a retailer, you will get half the value. Someone will want it on trade for something you like better...Or just keep it. You know you can't replace age and rarity.
  17. Michael7

    Michael7 Dr. Squier

    Asking prices and selling prices can be far apart. I doubt many of these have changed hands at over $300 unless there was a very figured neck or perhaps expensive replacement pickups like Lace Sensors, for the guitar itself. The Fender case may add $60 or so.

    I do see you have 2 whammy bars with yours. Any chance you could take some pics showing dimensions and shape, so I could try to duplicate a couple for my guitars, neither of which has the bar?
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  18. strat_strummer

    strat_strummer Squier-holic

    Nov 24, 2018
    RC addiction....
    Welcome in Mark, beautiful guitar...
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  19. Bluzy

    Bluzy Squier-holic

    Nov 20, 2017
    Hudson Valley, NY
    Welcome to the forum, Nice guitar and nice intro!