Tax Time GAS attack!

Discussion in 'V.C.'s Parlor' started by Dr Improbable, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. ToneChaser77

    ToneChaser77 Squier-Meister

    Sep 29, 2019
    Milledgeville, Ga
    Most of mine will go toward auto repairs but I'm thinking I'll take a little and put it towards this.
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  2. SubSailer671

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    I was pretty happy this year. My refund was about 1.5% of what I paid in taxes. That is about as close as I can get it.
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  3. Angry Possum

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    Oct 30, 2019
    Squier Town NY
    20200112_154720.jpg Buuuurp,,,, I over indulged in many many guitars last year. I got my fill so to speak... Vrrrrt, excuse me. Yep I had bad gas too. I think I'm gonna start playing guitar more than buying them at the moment, but the moment can change at the tip of a hat I guess. My last guitar purchased was this modified 1996 CN 50th Anniversary Squier i purchased for $50. Its one of my better playing guitars. And i own about 32 currently. A Big thanks to @Eddie. He woke me up with these Squiers. Im becoming a Squier addict now. So no more guitars right now... But If so, it would be a highly and very affordable Squier. And preferably an NC6 Model.
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  4. I never get a whole lot of tax return money. Usually less than $200. I like to keep my pension deductions right in line with what is expected. I'd rather hang on to my money than the gov't.
    Cheers, Barrie.
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  5. Dr Improbable

    Dr Improbable Squier-holic

    Apr 4, 2015
    We always get something back.

    I usually use the actual refund for a bill or something and spend my own money on a new toy.

    I guess I use the season as justification. I am OK with that!
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  6. MrYeats

    MrYeats Squier-holic

    Dec 28, 2017
    South Texas Coast
    It is not like banks are paying any interest on our money in savings.
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  7. RegularJim

    RegularJim Squier-Nut

    Dec 30, 2017
    Illiconsin, Wisinois
    We just scraped together all our nickels and pennies and paid off our house. Now we have to replenish our nickels and pennies.
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  8. Caddy

    Caddy Dr. Squier

    Nov 29, 2010
    That is what I have always thought.
  9. RoyalWe

    RoyalWe Squier-holic

    Sep 5, 2012
    Western Oregon
    Somehow, the last few years, my wife and I have owed money. Not sure why, unless our employer isn’t withholding enough throughout the year. Anyway, no new toys for me.
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  10. mumbo719

    mumbo719 Squier Talker

    Mar 4, 2017
    Tampa Bay
    A PJ Bass Maybe a CV or a Player Series Jaguar[​IMG]
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  11. Black Strat

    Black Strat Squier-Nut

    Nov 30, 2014
    Lonn what is the type of guitar you are looking for?
  12. Taurus

    Taurus Squier-Nut

    Sep 8, 2018
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    A new amp, mini amp would be useful. A Marshall DSL would be lovely but might be too much for my needs

    For guitars? There are so many. A Telecaster (custom 70’s), a Mustang a Gibson (probably SG) and a Baby Taylor and maybe a backup Strat (HSS - HT). Be lovely to have a custom-made guitar one day too maybe.

    Some pedals. I have none yet.

    Not bought any guitars (or gear) since September 2018. Actually looking to offload 2 guitars and focus on learning my current main Strat instead of buying. Can’t deny a backup Strat would be useful and cool to have.
  13. Treehouse

    Treehouse Squier-Meister

    Dec 4, 2019
    The Arboritum
    Assuming you’re talking about the new semi-hollows, those are intriguing! Are there differences in the electronics between CV and affinity models?

    Just spent and 1hr40min on the phone (waiting) with IRS just trying to confirm they even received my return. After all that, “we don’t know. nobody is back to the office yet, call back in two weeks”
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  14. Shine

    Shine Squier-Meister

    Nov 29, 2016
    Rings of Saturn
    An extra mortgage payment. Don't need any more guitars around here.

    But I keep looking! :p
  15. DougMen

    DougMen Squier-holic

    Jun 8, 2017
    Honolulu, HI
    I'm so poor that I had no taxes witheld from the feds, so no refund. I did have state witholding, 'cause the state of Hawaii will tax anyone, no matter how low their income. I got about $150 refund from them, and it went towards medical bills.
  16. radiotech

    radiotech Dr. Squier

    Apr 23, 2014
    Yes, just a single V/T on the affinity, and better pickups/finishing in the CV.
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  17. Treehouse

    Treehouse Squier-Meister

    Dec 4, 2019
    The Arboritum
    dual VTs alone would justify the CV for me! it's quite easy to knock down that poly neck.
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  18. Dr Improbable

    Dr Improbable Squier-holic

    Apr 4, 2015
    I have the Affinity Starcaster and it is a WONDERFUL guitar.

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  19. Treehouse

    Treehouse Squier-Meister

    Dec 4, 2019
    The Arboritum
    Cool guitar and Picture! Awesome wall!
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