Squier Affinity Tele pickup selector issue


Squier Talker
Dec 2, 2019
New York City
A couple of years ago, I replaced the pickups in my Squier Affinity Tele with Fender Texas Specials. However, I'm still a noob when it comes to guitar repair. Also, I have a three-way pickup selector.

I haven't played the Tele in about a month, but now I get no sound when I put the pickup selector in the second position. It works fine in first and third positions.

What's happening and how can I fix it?


Oct 4, 2020
Could just be a loose wire going to the posts of the middle switch position - or it could be the switch itself. The good news is that the pickups work in 1 & 3, so you know they're still wired up! It's been a while since I've wired a switch, but I believe there's a "common" wire that connects some terminals to allow position 2 to work. Likely one has worked it's way loose.

That's the beauty of Teles - you can undo two tiny screws and pop the control plate off and see what's going on inside. Even if it turns out to be the switch, those are inexpensive to replace. If you're guitar is a full-width body, you can even upgrade the switch to an Oak Grigsby or similar switch. Maybe even go 5-ways and do some funky stuff like wiring up the single coils like a big humbucker, or maybe wire them out of phase.

With a Tele, the world is your oyster!