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Songwriters: Post your Original Songs/instrumentals/lyrics


May 29, 2014
The Monadnocks, NH USA
Funny how things going on in our lives can remind us of songs past. -Songs written during very different times when we were in some ways a very different person, living a very different life, than we are and do today.

Like most younger writers my first foray into pop and rock writing was "love songs." Not in the sense of sentimental pap, but in their focus being on guy gets girl, or guy wants girl, or guy loses girl.

The following was, I think, my first song that left that type of subject matter entirely. The start of my youthful political and social awareness -- then something that added "meaning" to many a rocker's tunes.

The Year? 1967 I think. Or maybe very early `68.

"Gotta Keep Our Nation Great"

You voted for me four years ago
And you'll vote for me again.
The same promises I made then
I'll make to you again.
I'll tell you of the things I've done
That your free because of the wars I've won
And though the job's not easy and the job's not fun
Someone's got to do it - and I'm the one.

So you'll vote, vote, vote
As the oracle has spoke
And though you've got no selection,
You've got a free election.
But you can't demand perfection
If you wanna keep our nation great

If you bring up dying boys
I'll show a saddened face
And I'll tell you how they gave their lives
To save us from discrace
And how in the history books
Our destiny's been traced
That we're the chosen people
Gonna save the human race.

Yeah, You gotta keep our nation great.


Slacker G

Sep 6, 2021
Here is my parody of "Winter Wonderland"

My Winter Wonderland

Snow plows clank
Are you listening?
See the snow
Shovels glistening
A god awful sight
I'll be miserable tonight
Shoveling in this winter wonderland

Gone away is the snowplow
Here to stay is a snow wall
It's covering the walk
I just shoveled before
Clearing sidewalks in my winter wonderland

On the corner Bubba made a snowman
I'll smash it when I see he's not around
He'll say: ass-hole did you do that?
I'll say: No man
It could have been those kids
From across town

Later on I'll perspire
In a heap by the fire
I had a cardiac arrest
Or a mild stroke at best
Shoveling in the friggin wonderland

The corner moron built another snowman
He's some kind of psychopathic clown
I think I'll have some fun with his new snowman
As soon as Bubbas gone I'll mash it down

When it snows It's a nightmare
Ears and nose all need med care
I'll be shoveling all day
Only Eskimos live this way
Imprisoned in a winter wonder land

Slacker G

Sep 6, 2021
Or this one. I write a lot of serious songs

We’re Schizophrenic

I went to the doctor and asked what’s wrong with me
After giving me a few tests he looked up and glanced at me
He said sit down for a moment here's the result of your test
He said you’re schizophrenic or just plain nuts at best

He said you shouldn’t worry its really not that bad
There are a lot of benefits that schizophrenics have
For one thing all your BFF’s can never un-friend you
And your friends can throw a party when you’re feeling blue

You’re schizophrenic you're schizophrenic
You'll never be alone again as far as I can see
You’re Schizophrenic you're schizophrenic
Your imaginary friends are as real as real can be

We went to the mall to see an action movie
Three of us were eager but two chose not to go
It really doesn’t matter they’ll watch it anyway
So we all got in the line to see the picture show

I asked her for five tickets at the cashier booth
Bobby said he’s young enough he should have got in free
The doorman took one ticket then he let us through the door
We’re really got excited we can watch it four times more

We’re schizophrenic we're schizophrenic
We'll never be alone again as far as I can see
We’re schizophrenic we're schizophrenic
My imaginary friends are as real as you to me

We always talk among ourselves I hear us in my head
Sometimes I wished we’d shut up so that I could go to bed
But insomniacs among us keep talking through the night
Those wackados keep babbling into the morning light

Slacker G

Sep 6, 2021
Instant Gratification Takes Too Long

My friend bought an electric wheelchair
His could tear up a sidewalk in 30 seconds flat
Even with a double battery for him it moved to slow
But he had a great idea how to make that wheelchair smoke

He mounted that old wheel chair on top of a V8
And that chair could beat a rocket on the straight
He opened up the throttle and the wheel chair flew away
And they claim they haven’t seen him to this day

Why does instant gratification take so long?
We try to make stuff faster but the seconds linger on
It took a lifetime of minutes just to write this stupid song
Why does instant gratification take so long?

Inst break

I put my supper in the microwave just to warm it up
Those two minutes took forever I thought I’d starve to death
As I stood there waiting patiently I cursed beneath my breath
Why does instant gratification take so long?

So I sat down to eat my supper and turned the TV on
It took more than half a minute does it have to take that long?
I could have had a heart attack just sayin, something’s wrong
Why does instant gratification take so long?

Why does instant gratification take so long?
We try to make stuff faster but the seconds linger on
It took a lifetime of minutes just to write this song
Why does instant gratification take so long?

Slacker G


Mar 28, 2018
North idaho
Just a quick track I did guitar bass and drums on then my buddy did some vocals for shits and gigs.

If you like heavier music screaming metal type I did the solo at the end of this song for my buddy all improvised one take done on a tokai strat. That’s my buddies SoundCloud he has a full Pink Floyd wall album cover he did you can check out as well.
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Sep 30, 2012
Stage 6, full mix

Stage 6, the final stage.
Solo guitar is added.it's all played, no audio quantization.

Improvisation on the 1st and 3rd chorus, melody on the 2nd.

Previous melody on guitar is removed. One on the synth doubles for the 2nd chorus and supports occasionally in the 3rd..

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