So what's YOUR guitar worth?


Apr 10, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal
Well, let’s do a rig rundown!

‘19 PRS SE Standard 24 in limited edition satin black, Europe exclusive - mostly original, counts with Fender strap locks, a bone nut, stainless steel fasteners, Oak Grigsby 5 way and knockoff lampshade knobs (still have the originals). This has slightly increased in value, not only the regular model goes for nearly 100 euros more, but also it’s a very limited run, I’ve only seen one for sale second-hand and the guy was asking quite a premium and it moved. I’d say 700 euros would be fair to both ends.

Squier SE - countless mods and upgrades were done to it, only to better suit my preferences and to make it play nicer. The one thing that would play against it if I were to sell it are the ceramic MIJ Squier single coils I’ve dropped in it that I absolutely love, but are a though selling point. 250 euros seems appropriate based on ongoing market values, the list of parts and improvements and overall playability.

‘08 Cort G250 - perhaps my thoughest sell, given the bonkers spec list. The guitar looks stunning and plays great, not to speak that Cort changed this model’s overall shape and style never to come back to it ever since. The iced tea burst is also one of the hardest finishes to come by, yet it’s not a particularly valuable or sought after model. It has a SD Pegasus 6 in the bridge and a stacked Tele humbucker on the neck, all with autosplit functionality and American electronics. The whole combo makes it a very versatile and good sounding guitar, yet I’d have better luck making the most money by selling the pups separate from it. 300 euros are what I consider a fair value of the package, given its inherent value plus the ongoing second-hand prices of both Duncan’s.

‘96 Jackson DX10 - I’ve left the most complicated one for last. It was fully restored and hand painted by my best friend, so I can’t really put a price in it given it was never the point to sell it. All the hardware is original and only the pickups have been swapped, considering the neck humbucker was dead and the rest wasn’t particularly great. It’s using two Fleor alnico 5 humbuckers I absolutely find one of the best bargains around, also with autosplit wiring functionality, and a late 90s Fender MIM ceramic single coil in the middle position. One of these original and in good condition fetch upwards 350 euros, yet given its artwork, I’d value it at 1000.

Funny enough, the only electric I’m looking to actually sell, I decided not to list it here: an all-original ‘07 Jackson JS30 that’s waiting for the time to set it up and which I’m then going to ask for 200 euros, though realistically expecting 180 (less than that and I’d be making the seller a favor, it’s going to serve as a rehearsal guitar in the meantime so, no rush).

I also have a classical and a Portuguese guitar, the first easily worth 160-180 euros, and the latter upwards 250. If I were to sell off gear, only the Squier, the hand-painted Jackson and the classical would be left out of the equation (or, if need be, only ever to someone I knew and could buy back from at more fortunate time).

Beside the second, flipper Jackson, only the Portuguese guitar has been on my thoughts about selling, it’s a fun instrument yet it sees little use and, if I ever join a Fado group - something I’m seriously pondering - I could get a better sounding one for not much more than I’d make selling it. If I had to move one of the other electrics, perhaps the PRS would be the one to go - and is the one I’d consider accepting a good offer for - despite being my best playing one, I have quite a lot of money put onto it (relatively speaking) I have a hard time justifying, moreover when, say, the Cort can match it if I were to set it up back to standard tuning, at 1/4 of the money spent. The problem of bargain hunting is that instruments bought new appear a ripoff…
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Jan 28, 2020
Shreveport, LA
I'm with You, ten folds on that!
What we do to make them right
makes us want to keep 'em!

Just don't get excessive, like 200 or more!

Allen Woody, awesome bass player that played bass for The Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule, had over 450 when he passed away according to Warren Haynes.

Pictured below in a picture from the interview Fly Guitars did with Warren some years back.

Imagine making enough money to support a rock star's heroin habit as well as buy guitars whenever you felt like it. I couldn't begin to imagine. Most addicts have to choose 1 or the other. Your guitars or the dope. It's really sad that we lost him to such a devastating drug.

allenWoodyGuitars (2).jpg

I have about $950-1000 into the purchase price of my 5 guitars. Maybe a little more. $275, 275, 200, 50, and 150. Since purchase, I've probably put at least another $600-650 into them with other parts and pickups that I remember right off the bat.

$200 in Faber & Gotoh tailpieces & bridges, posts, thumbwheels, etc...
$100 in fender pickups
$80 in Seymour Duncan pickups
$75 in hardware & pickguard for Tele
$80 in tuners
$30 MIM big block trem
$20 Switchcraft 3 way
$40 pots and wiring for first Strat
$20 in Puretone jacks
$100+ strap locks
$100+ straps

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting.
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Feb 17, 2021
Are we looking at what we 'Paid' for them? Or how much they are going for on the market at the moment?

My inventory...

1999 Epiphone Japan SG70. I paid 70,000 yen for it in 1999 (which is about $535 in today's exchange rate). But there is a listing for the same guitar on Reverb for $1449


1999 Burny RLC John Sykes Les Paul Custom (MIJ). I found this one in a thrift shop for 18,000 yen (about $140 with the current exchange rate). Here is one that sold a year ago on Reverb for $1349


1991/92 Fender Japan TL 52. Got this one recently for 66,000 yen ($500) at a thrift shop. On Reverb I can see them going for over $1700


1991 Squire Silver Series SST33 (MIJ) - Found this one in a thrift shop for 27,000 yen ($200). Here is one listing on Reverb that sold last year for $520


My 1984 Fernandes RST-50 64. Got this one at an Ishibashi location 2 years ago for 30,000 yen ($229). Here is one currently listed on Reverb for $828 (which looks exactly like mine).


The one that is little harder to give a valuation to is my 1984 Yamaha STX 01R. An excellent spec'd strat copy from the early 80's. I bought it at a thrift shop (see a pattern as to where I like to look for guitars) for $75.

The ST line was only made for one year, so there isn't a lot out there. The closet I can find is this one on Reverb that sold for $321, 5 years ago.

But, does that mean these guitars are 'worth' what they are listed for on Reverb. Only way to find out is to sell them and see if somebody buys them. If somebody does, then they are worth it to the person that paid. However I do not want sell them, so they are worth only what I get out them - which for me is a lot :cool:


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Feb 11, 2020
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All of mine are worth more than I paid for them.

I'm with You, ten folds on that!
What we do to make them right
makes us want to keep 'em!

Just don't get excessive, like 200 or more!

Since I'm not planning to sell any of my guitars, I really don't count the money/effort spent on the guitar. My two Contemporary Telecaster HHs cost me 700 USD total to purchase and I have about 1200$ total in parts on them.

My 2 Red Sparkles FSR Bullets are 200$ each, and so far I have about 200$ in parts on each guitar. Most of the rest of my herd has similar ratio of "value" added vs original purchase price.

I always keep the original parts and will reinstall them IF I decide to sell a guitar. (Highly unlikely.)

PS: The "value" added price doesn't include labour because I installed everything myself.