REQ: Help on Are Squier VM JM Bridge Parts Interchangeable with Fender?


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May 26, 2021
I have been searching for an answer for this online, and just got the definitive word back from Fender:

"Saddle Height Adjustment Screws - VM JM FEN:0293000000479

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Tue, May 25, 8:31 PM (15 hours ago)


to me

Hi Rex,
The Fender parts MAY work, but they also may not, because you are correct they are metric. Unfortunately we don't sell Squier parts.

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At least he didn't say, "**** off with your little Squier."

Anyway, since Fender doesn't know or care, does anybody else? I really just need to order a couple of saddle height adjustment screws.

Also, one of my intonation screws has to go in really far to intonate the string, and the spring is super-compressed. Where would be a good source to get a shorter screw for it?

Also, my model has the Duncan-designed pickups. Does that identify it as a VM? TIA

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Jan 6, 2021
Also, my model has the Duncan-designed pickups. Does that identify it as a VM? TIA

That weird hardtail bridge will identify it as a VM JM special if nothing else... Don't know about any other VM JMs.

Good luck looking for your parts, I imagine metric stuff is easier to find and available cheap outside of the USA. Just measure, convert and get it from an online hardware store.


May 29, 2014
The Monadnocks, NH USA
Alas, I have no answer re crossfitting. But typically metric and domestic parts - especially threaded parts — do not work together.

OTOH many here have removed their stock JM bridge in favor of non rocking types. Ask about and someone here may have one sitting in a draw that they’d be willing to pass along.

The over-compressed intonation spring is a common problem. I simply snipped the spring to make it shorter, staying with the same adjustment screw. Such for me was a one time adjustment. Blue loktite has kept everything just as I want it for now years.