Rating Your Own "Best" Guitar(s)

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  1. Mojotone

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    Jun 5, 2021
    Chateauguay, QC
    I like all my current 3 guitars I use them as tools what ever song I'm learning ill use the appropriate guitar , so really no preference I like them all, now I do plan to get 3 more to cover all the bases ill require
    So still more GAS :D
  2. billyb

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    Jun 13, 2018
    Central Michigan
    I only have 2 guits at the moment but...this is my fave right now because of the neck and the fact that it weighs around 6 lbs :)
    It's a Sycamore body Grote GT-150 with maple neck and board...
    I'm thinking about a Duncan "something or other" for the middle at some point
    but...it has all the classic Strat tones just as she sits...so not in any rush to mod it !
    G1.jpeg G2.jpeg
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  3. Shreddergirl

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    Don your studio rocks! love it!
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  4. Dave da Dude

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    Apr 28, 2021
    NC in foothills of Blue Ridge Mtns
    Back in "the day" when I had all I wanted except an LP (and I couldn't find one I liked except a late '90's DC that I couldn't afford, I had three guitars:
    1) 1972 Martin D-18
    2) Ibanez RoadStar RG630WP
    Capture tictocdoc.com RG600WP 08.JPG
    (shown is an RG600WP. the RG630WP I had was Active Pups and fixed Bridge)
    3) Ovation 12-string

    By far, my go to was the Ibanez. Acoustic for Folk and etc. 12-String for Simon & Garfunkel (a fave of mine).

    Now I'm down to only two, both the Martin and the Ibanez have been stolen.

    1) Guild D240-E Flamed Mahogany Body
    2) Squire Affinity Strat

    The Strat is not set up yet. The Guild is a decent replacement for the Martin at 1/5 the price (I actually paid $341 for it, but $80 for the HSC).

    I go to the Guild, because it is easy to play (great action and intonation out of the box) and having a Pup built into it can cover a wide range and I'm doing the simple (for me) Folk and Flok-Rock until I come up to speed again (the Martin had a Seymour-Duncan SA-1 in hole Pup).

    Once I have the Strat setup and Pups changed to similar to the Highway One Strat I had, I'll probably lean towards the Strat because I can do new and more rock-ish songs that I don't know yet with it.
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  5. Shaytan

    Shaytan Squier-holic

    Apr 10, 2018
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Ah, funny. Despite having three electric guitars of my own around for the most part, I've pretty much only had one functioning electric for the past year, my reliable PRS SE.

    My Jackson has pretty much became a snowball of a project with unforeseen issues and more work requiring the help of other people not readily available, to the point that, despite *working* as a functioning guitar, is just awaiting in its case for some repairs for months.

    The Squier SE has serviced me well for many years, but the huge misadventure of my attempts to give it a facelift have taken fo-re-ver to get settled (my own taste that is difficult to please paired with China specials' quality that's all over the place paired with shipping times), as well as the fact that it needs a fret leveling I've been dreading to do, all this while having a lack of motivation to work on guitars after work, since I've graduated last year, have really pushed it to the backburner.

    I do have my classical guitar that gets tons of use for my rehearsals, my Portuguese guitar that is now back in top-shape working order, though it requires a lot more time and focus to practice the proper technique and "feel" to play Fado that I don't feel in the mood for very often, and now an uke my office colleagues offered me for my birthday, but *a* guitar, the type that I love the most to play, there's only been one. It works perfectly fine, being a great player, having very versatile tones, doing an acceptably good job at staying in tune for a guitar with a floating trem but, most of all, giving me a different, less materialistic vision of music.

    I don't spend as much thought wondering what different types of pickups could do, what unique tones I could play out of this or that guitar I might dream to add to my collection and such. I wish to get my two others going ASAP, for they are great players with lots of potential, but only having one to play and not much energy to fall into GAS makes me just go beyond the physical tool I have available, and extend to what I want to play, achieving it with whatever I have.

    This food for thought perhaps adds up anything new to the convo? I have multiple guitars because it's fun. Because I enjoy them enough to wish to keep and maintain them, as a result of being good tools for what I do, being objectively good playing guitars and having a subjective/sentimental value attached for the memories created with each. I could get rid of all but my PRS (and my classical) and be just fine, as I've been for the past year. But I don't wish to if I don't need to, because I don't need a reason to justify my desire to keep my own objects. It's an interesting discussion to try and rationalize our hobbies but, in the end, perhaps we're better off admitting that sometimes, no logical explanation exists (or is even necessary) for our actions. ;)

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  6. Steve1961

    Steve1961 Squier Talker

    Jun 8, 2020
    Well, I've had loads, Fender, Gibson, you name 'em. Never a Rick or Gretsch though. On a Squier site this is my Best guitar, I only have 4 these days. Not a Squier I hear you say, or is it one in disguise?
    Its a 1985 Fujigen made Strat (copy). So what production lines did Fujigen have, one for Squier/Fender and one for anybody else. I doubt it somehow. Gotoh Tuners, Full size bridge with big block, DM50 Switch, full size pots with green cap.
    IMG_9921.JPG IMG_9913.JPG
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  7. fendereedo

    fendereedo Squier-Meister

    Aug 12, 2015
    Just off the A12
    Some lovely guitars on display here guys!
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  8. JamminJohnny

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    Jul 7, 2021
    SW Missouri
    Well for me it's way easier, I've only owned 4 guitars my whole life. But I was strictly a drummer for 45 yrs. Just tinkered on the git box till recently.
    I had a six string classical, and Acoustic. Nothing special. My first Squire was a 87' MIJ E-series standard Strat. My newest I just purchased is a 2021 Squire Affinity Strat. As far as quality goes the 87' had it hands down. But I put new tune machines, pick-ups, and trem/bridge on the Affinity. And as far as playability and tone the Affinity has it hands down.
    Oh, make that 5 I've owned. Had a twelve string acoustic in high school.
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  9. DougMen

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    Jun 8, 2017
    Honolulu, HI
    For me, it's these two, followed by these two, followed by these two, followed by these three
    DSCN0748.JPG DSCN0687.JPG DSCN1080-2.JPG DSCN1123.JPG DSCN0817.JPG
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  10. DougMen

    DougMen Dr. Squier

    Jun 8, 2017
    Honolulu, HI
  11. Paulie64

    Paulie64 Squier Talker

    Feb 8, 2021
    New Brunswick, Canada
    My go to is my 2013 Squier Strat FSR (VM) with Vintage split top tuners, Tone Emporium '54 pickups, CTS pots, and a Calham tremolo. I also have a 2020 Harley Benton LP but I keep going back to this one.
    Strat - Black Pickguard.jpg
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  12. Rocky

    Rocky Squier Talker

    Dec 17, 2009
    New York
    I have a dozen electric guitars, but I have separated a few to my Big Four:


    Those four can do EVERYTHING. Humbucker, single-coil, solid body, hollow body, six string, 12 string...Rock, jazz, pop, reggae, punk, rock-a-billy, ska, surf, metal, indie, funk, country...any style of popular music out there, I can play using one of those guitars.

    (And yes, before you jump down my throat, I do own a Tele...the Tele also covers tons of musical ground.)
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  13. Imagine

    Imagine Squier Talker

  14. jamesgpobog

    jamesgpobog Squier-holic

    Feb 18, 2020
    I consider my First Acts EXTREMELY underrated, two white AL222's, a pink ME515, a black ME502, a black AL4042. Butterscotch Glarry Thinline, a red Grote 335 are very nice. My latest buy, Rosie, a chinoname strat, now that it has P94/Lipstick/P94 and the action lowered is pretty damn sweet and plays way above it's $70 price. My chinoname Micawber tribute is also a pretty nice guitar.
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  15. Rodiebobw

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    Jan 12, 2020
    Rockwall, Tx.
    Duce, why is there a banjo, digero, and a gourd behind some of the guitar pictures? Yes its my job!
  16. duceditor

    duceditor Squier-Axpert Gold Supporting Member

    May 29, 2014
    The Monadnocks, NH USA
    Just an out of harm’s way place to keep them. The gourd(s) — upper and lower — are the sound boxes - “tumba” - of an Indian sitar.


  17. Rodiebobw

    Rodiebobw Squier-holic

    Jan 12, 2020
    Rockwall, Tx.
    *****..I was hoping for some kind of conspiracy.. Lol
  18. Rodiebobw

    Rodiebobw Squier-holic

    Jan 12, 2020
    Rockwall, Tx.
    This one still sounds the best right now but the upgrades on the SE are about to be qued up. Finally got moved and im back in the land of Gar, beautiful gateway to mesquite.. Yeehaw!!