Project finished.

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    That Affinity has a very 'Prince' vibe to it.

    Both amazing looking guitars :)
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    Aug 2, 2011
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    I love your build, beautiful job.

    Pine CAN have an interesting "figure" and your "butcher block" lamination is a good approach because Pine WILL warp fast. Pine also has an interesting resonance that makes it pretty unique and appealing, Bill Kirchen - "King Of Dieselbilly" (Hotrod Lincoln fame) made using Pine for a body somewhat popular.

    Pine is just too soft for my tastes in building though, I prefer Basswood instead if that's the resonance you want and it's a look "harder" in comparison. Several Japanese and S Korean guitar makers (Fujigen Gakki Japan, and Shaehan and Cortek in S Korea) found the best methods using native Asian Basswoods that are more resonant then western species. A lot of the more popular Ibanez guitars made by Fujigen and Tokai, are Basswood, along with Japanese Alder.

    Gorgeous guitar, just don't bang in around.
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