Portugal going back into lockdown

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    Today, my country reached an all-time maximum amount of new registered cases of infections with COVID-19, over 10.000, and well past 100 deceased people in result of the virus, during the last 24 hours. The ease of the restrictions during holidays and the general feel of lack of continuous awareness for the risks of the pandemic have led to this situation, which seems to be commonplace around the globe.

    After several months since the first lockdown had been lifted and we were only going through several less evasive means of containment, our Prime Minister has announced the second lockdown, starting next Friday.

    I'm still not sure whether I'll be working from home or not, my internship is taking place at a small office with a very reduced number of colleagues, all responsible people who go to and from work by car and not really going anywhere else, perhaps we'll keep going with a paper signed by my patron, but I sure know it will be quite difficult economically-wise for my family, with reduced savings after the first lockdown.

    Hopefully this will be over soon, and all this to try and get the general state of affairs back in the right direction for things to come back to normality. I'm thankful for still being able to continue my education from home regardless, as well as having several projects to keep me entertained.

    I wish the best for you all, knowing we're all going through the same, regardless where from. Stay safe, respect the rules of your nation in order to keep you and the others around you protected from the virus and, most of all, remember our community stays strong and is right here for you, I'm sure we'll all do our best to make company and keep us all entertained from the whole current situation. ;)
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    There are several new mutations cropping up all over, two of them discovered in Ohio yesterday. If they are resistant to the vaccine we're all doomed.
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    On a brighter note, I believe we have better days ahead in '21. Heck, the days are even getting longer in the Northern Hemi.

    RIP Freddie ("Do as I say, not as I do" be damned):
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    RC addiction....
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    Best wishes in these
    tough times.....

    God bless..!!
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    Too bad. It never even popped up on my search for Squiers on GC used this morning.
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    Stay safe.

    Pray that your community understands.

    Ours doesn't.

    Our culture here is not one of masks and nobody at this time who I know isn't affected. Within 100 yards of me there were four cases and one died.

    There is no enforcement of masks even though there are signs and our governor who demands masks, and criticizes the opposing political party, put four to six people at risk at a political fundraiser where he allegedly got infected and didn't wear masks at his party.

    Most people preach social distancing and masks, snd even sport masks that match their outfits, but only wear such masks sometimes.

    Due to the exponential growth of this disease, we are on track to post 1/3 or the cases on the planet, then half, and eventually the majority of cases.
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    Nov 19, 2017
    We're currently in our third lockdown.
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    Yeah, these are tough times in so many ways.

    Jan and I continue to lay low. Even our son and DIL, who travel everywhere freely themselves, stay away from actual face to face contact with us to assure we have no unneeded exposure.. Our age and my health issues make that wise.

    But being retired, and having a home that works well for such totally inclusive living, makes this relatively easy for us.

    I feel greatly for those more directly affected. With loss of income. With being limited to a small home or apartment (especially with young children!) And for those just now at the point where their lives should be expanding and instead they are being forced to close down.

    So, yes, stay safe. Be responsible. But try not to let the boo-hoos become the dominant spirit in your life. Try to make it as positive as you can.

    "Oh boy! I've got more practice time!" :D

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