Pictures of you at work.

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    Yup, With “the City”, I’ve had four sets of prints/photos taken for federal background checks (and rechecks) over the years (one when hired, one for the ‘96 DNC, one electronically after 9/11, and another at about the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. They were talking RFID at one point, but decided it wasn’t needed stateside.

    I have zero interest in ever turning to a life of crime... because they’d find me faster than a Dunkin’ Donuts!
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    Apr 23, 2014
    absolutely heard in my head, and imagined typed in green:

    Do you want to play a game?
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    All this talk about rules makes me sad for those currently in the work place. But then again it is even truer in schools. Cameras everywhere mean no privacy for anyone anyplace with such. And corporate secrets are real and need protection, as do the companies themselves because of our lawsuit crazy culture.

    But then, and above it all, is the ever-present tension between individual rights even when working and employees being 'owned.'

    My career as a research-based imaging specialist began totally informally. I was hired as a lowly patient transport aid as part of what was called "alternative service" -- part of the military draft system. As such no demands were made or agreements, beyond what went with general hires, were required and/or signed.

    Further, when I started creating techniques and publishing them (early on) and I asked the institution to equip a lab for me they declined for want of me having 'initials' after my name. I thus built and equipped the lab myself off-campus and then hired out my services to the institution(s).

    Later the institution's lawyers became aware of this conflict and created documents assigning ownership of all my research to the institution.

    "Uh... no" answered I.

    These sorts of things happened several times over my years connected to Harvard. Such always ended the same way - with the attorneys slinking back to their offices. But such was never fun.

    Yet today I doubt if such could end the same way. From day one everyone is required to sign every right away. Even the freedom to leave and move on in the same field.

    Forbidden pix? That seems to least of it!

    So sad. But what is, is. We all live to some degree in a world not of our making. The only thing we can control is how much we allow it to restrict our lives -- that by making tradeoffs or, as I had too, by winning ugly battles.

    Maybe the next thread will be about workworld body counts! We can compare numbers! ("Slayer of the Week") :D

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    I had some pictures but they always seemed to be of some dominative leprechaun that looked like he was trying to sell the eifel tower to a farmer in the midwest.. Didnt know him!
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    Please tell me that water is only about a foot deep.
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    Attorneys..Eh.. You are right about ideas or intellectual property.. Always somebody alibi previous or current employer, Trying to justify a vague claim to someones foresight and hardwork about fresh ideas.. Only two ways to introduce product.. A new idea, or making an idea better, more cost effective.. So why not just steal it?

    Glad you recognized an opportunity!lol
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    Here's a couple of me directing the holiday 2019 spots for Soccer USA, and one of us post shoot. Sorry for the small size of the one, but thats how it was sent to me. Yes, those are my Strats in the shot.
    IMG_9960.jpg IMG_0010.jpg
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    Wait..Something doesnt go here... Damn it, now i want some food!
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    I used to remote into offices with modems.. That was a brainpump for sure.. I imagine some people kept doing that for security reasons, I dont think overall any more secure other than having to poke holes in your firewall.. lol
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    Most of my photos of work aren't of me, but the cool stuff we've sold over the last few years.

    Kashmir lyrics manuscript - written by Robert Plant
    Helmholz Synthesizer from 1905
    View attachment 156182

    Tube Theremin built by Leon Theremin in 1938 (Dr. Theremin was revealed as a Soviet spy) - Someone has video of me playing this but I've never tracked it down.

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    Well, the official, unclassified response I am allowed to give is this:

    The submarine can operate at depths greater than 400 ft.
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    What a fun thread! It is nice getting to see the "other" side of ourselves. I quickly pulled together some representative pics of my work life.

    Here are several from my 22 years in the Army Infantry.

    I did two tours with the 82d Airborne. Here's a newspaper clip from the '84 division pass and review. I'm that tall fellow to the far left as part of the formation.

    Some of the very best soldiers I ever served with were during my tour of duty at Ft Myer, Virginia as a company commander in The Old Guard, 3d US Infantry. This was at a wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

    One of the last photos taken in my Army career. I was the Military Echelon LNO to the SACEUR (Wesley Clark during that time), NATO Military HQ in Mons, Belgium. I had the privilege of representing the military reps from each of the NATO nations. Im talking here with General Frank Kalmar, Hungarian Army.

    After army retirement, I opened and ran two personal training studios in Richmond and Lexington, Kentucky for 10 years. These were arguably the most rewarding years of my life, watching the many clients who were part of my programs who saw such personal successes.

    Nowadays, I'm happy to be directing sales and account management teams in the Software as a Service industry.

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    This is the currency/coin counter people different from Engine group
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    Well Done!
    If you had ever made it to Southern Africa, there's a good chance that we mighta chewed some of the same dirt!
    Umvoti Mounted Rifles: Umvoti Mounted Rifles.jpg
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    I work in a secured facility. Sorry, but pictures are a big no no.
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    F13CDC0D-08FD-4ADD-84D8-76C770D9BD86.jpeg I did thirty years in the printing industry but had to leave eventually because I couldn’t be around the toxins anymore. I’m currently working in a liquor store because the universe thinks I could use more patience and tolerance practice:)
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    EC298871-FEFC-4662-8598-E0C3702062D9.jpeg I used to work here.
    0F83A17E-CA4E-4098-B509-713366E5D00C.jpeg I took this pic.
    94408B6A-E84C-4A74-BBDD-32106DAEE05E.jpeg Now, I work here.
    Me, at work:
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    Heading out this morning after another bus.

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    Me and my Office :)

    Like most people know here, I'm that guy you dont want to meet when you're in a hurry :D Robb Duggan_0813.jpg