Pictures of you at work.

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    Im semi retired, I used to market to top 100 insurance companies in the United States. I also was a system admin for a company handling 75 users, three servers and their phone system.. Seems like another life.. No pictures but if you can imagine me in a suit for 20 years, five foot and change.. You got me!!

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    I work remotely about half the time, but when I’m in the actual office, they have the same policy.
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    Jan 19, 2014
    image.jpeg Anything goes where I work. No photos of me, but here is an Epi les Paul,and a few blueberry rings.
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    I’m an engineer - work in a pseudo clean room. DD239203-1797-45C3-A97E-8B0C5F25F131.jpeg
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    Interesting... At the five or so places I've worked there was no particular restriction, but that was mostly before social media on the Internet. I imagine that now a lot of places at least have a "no posting on the Internet" rule. The companies I worked for were all private, too. What line of work are you in?
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    Yup, that’s the transmission. The trans had been removed to replace a rear main seal. When it was reinstalled, the bolts were put in but not torqued. It made it for about a day I think.

    When I got the ticket for the road call, it said that the driver said the transmission fell out. Well, drivers say some off the wall stuff, and transmissions don’t “fall out”! So I really wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I got there. Turns out he was right! LOL
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    That's amazing! (and a little funny)
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    Jul 14, 2017
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    It was Cummins that caused this! LOL. The rear main seal was a warranty job. So Cummins in Baltimore did the job. And then bought us a trans!
    That was a lot funny!
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    Apr 23, 2014
    I’m in public safety tech support now, but previous jobs were: pharmaceutical mfg engeineering tech, 3m Field service tech (Medical/Surgical), automations/robotics tech supervisor in a plastics shop, and capacitor plant shift tech. All previous jobs had proprietary technology/equipment that were very guarded stuff. Even stuff I built for some of them I wasn’t allowed to discuss (much less duplicate) for anyone else.
    At my first job out of college (‘83) even pictures of the completed installation of line equipment was kept track of/filed/locked up.

    My current job is the only one since social media hit, and even back in ‘95, we had a no-photo policy. When decent camera phones became a thing, our department had to get special permission to take pics of screens, installations, and abuse to equipment to send to our bosses/vendors.
    Heck, some of our systems as recent as six years ago could only be accessed remotely if we connected the cable to, and powered up... an external modem!
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    Jul 15, 2014
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    It's understandable then. My work was an an engineer for manufacturing companies. Although there were patented things around, and other stuff that was going to be patented, no one made a big deal about photos. I actually videoed a full scale model of an M1 tank as it was loaded onto a flatbed and taken away to be tested for use as a decoy. Maybe if the customer's organization had seen me making the video they might have had something to say about it. :)
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    Jan 19, 2014
    Worked construction for 15+ years. Some days I miss it. Mostly summer days.
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    I'll have to send him the pictures and tell him that:D:D:D
    I like giving him the gears about stuff like that because I worked on a lot of Siemens stuff while overseas,..
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    Aug 23, 2019
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    Absolutely true for me as well since I started working out of college (1989). We could take photos for documentation and to create work instructions, for analysis or video to study movement, etc. but everything else, strictly prohibited.

    I do have some old photos, non-proprietary things I’ll gather and post later.

    When I was designing microphones for a company and sold them to the company named after a fruit, you could not even use the name of that company in any form. They were using the name Tango for a while. If you were reviewing documents for Tango and you got up to use the restroom or get coffee, you had to close or lock them up; subject to dismissal.

    A lot of this was also true when I designed slot machines. It was all due to the strict gaming commission.

    Even more so at Cummins-Allison when I designed currency counters and counterfeit detectors. Many of us had to undergo extensive background checks to receive secret service clearance because of all the money we were handling. Before a new currency bill was released to the public, we were already playing around with it for nearly a year.
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    What does Cummins or Allison have to do with currency counters? I assumed they were all engine/ transmission related.
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    As with the military I work in a secure area where no pictures are allowed. No visitors either, only a few have access. Picture a 21st century version of this with 6 monitors on my desk and access to 1500 cameras. My crew also runs the 911 calls for our company.
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    There's a funny coincidence there.
    When I got into the office equipment game in '89 color reproduction was just starting to get good enough that currency reproduction at the local print shop was becoming a serious issue: as a result, anyone getting into that end of it had go through the same security before being allowed to work on the equipment concerned on a regular basis. I seem to remember Canon(my former employer) making a big deal about their currency recognition software at the time too,...