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Jan 4, 2022
I've been posting on the site and did not see the intro thread! Blame it on age. I'm an intermediate bass player who has decided to pick up a pick. I've played only Squier basses as I always admired their quality for an affordable price. I'm going to purchase a used tele or strat, depending on what's available used. Since my user name is after Springsteen I'm leaning towards a tele. A strat may work but who can understand tremolos? But on the other hand, I like to keep learning new things - it keeps me away from the things the doctor tells me to avoid! I also like looking at/for the rare models out there. I think it's kinda cool finding the rare ones for sale.
Stay warm and stay safe folks.

White Dog

Oct 19, 2011
You don't have to use the Tremolo on a Stratocaster...you can deck the bridge or you can block the bridge---heck you can set it to float with the Trem arm on, and just not touch the Tremolo. Don't let that scare you away from considering the best guitar ever made (in my opinion).

And why did we leave the ass out of Bass in the title...we in that big a hurry these days? It's three more letters LOL!


Apr 20, 2017
Toronto, Canada(not really)
Before you decide take a trip to a music store and try a bunch. What feels best in your hands may surprise you. I thought I was a les paul guy. Nope. I like semi hollows like the 335. That said I have a strat and a tele love em both. both feel different when I play so it's nice to switch them up once in awhile. My strat has a trem, never use it.


Jul 14, 2018
Nashville, Tn
Welcome aboard from Nashville, hoss... And blocking a trem is easy, I NEVER use the things, lol... Most of the time, you can just use 5 springs, crank 'em down good and tight, and you're usually good to go... But you can go the Eric Clapton wood block route...


Jan 26, 2015
Portland, TN
Hi and welcome to Squier Talk. Pick the guitar that feels post coverage in your hands and brain. Or you can do it more common with so many folks here at ST and get a one of every style or two, or three, or four....

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