NRD- Does anybody still have vinyl?

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    We(my son and I) have a couple hundred or so. Turntable, good speakers.

    We get in line at 6am twice a year at our nearest record store for both Record Store Days.

    Nothing beats the sound of vinyl, in my opinion. And it's nice my 16-year-old learned to appreciate it. I started buying him vinyl about 8 years ago. He still lays on the floor checking out liner notes and album sleeves.
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    That's the beauty of it, CDs are so cheap there isn't a need to be selective. I mostly buy artists I've never heard of and nine-times-out-of-ten end up liking them. Find a bunch of music that isn't played on the radio or streaming. Even genres I didn't even know I liked.
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    in a way, if I move to a new place with a nice solid concrete floor, I'll be setting up my turntable again. I wanted to do it in my music room but the floors in my old house are like a trampoline, they flex and bounce so much I'd need a uber turntable stand to keep the needle on the vinyl cuz I like to move and dance when I listen to music.
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    Jul 8, 2012
    I've always been against vinyl until a few years ago. I thought it was always a format that sounded bad after a few plays. When I got a Soundesign turntable I had a few singles to play. "Slip Sliding Away" and others I'd bought when I was a kid. Then I got a upgraded full Soundesign stereo with dubbing cassette and needed a LP to play on it so I bought a cut out copy of Sgt. Peppers movie soundtrack, Yecch. A friend bought Kraftwerk's "Music Non Stop" 12" which had "Boing Boom Tshack" on it and we played it and I taped it and then, well, it changed everything for me. I still didn't use my turntable.

    A few years later, I got a real Technics turntable and it could play whatever Devo, Kraftwerk, Ministry albums I had, but I never got into it until a few years back. It was just before vinyl exploded when you could get really good condition vinyl for cheap. (I bought 80 % of my collection at $1 apiece.)

    When that died down, I really didn't use my turntable until.. This year I found a band called "King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard" and they have their own label called "Flightless Records" and thanks to You Tube. I found a lot of bands from Australia and otherwise. It was through Flighltess's website that I found these guys "Tropical (F word) Storm"

    I bought my first, non cutout, vinyl LP with this one. I also bought their first album "A Laughing Death In Meatspace" when I was lucky enough to see them play in a small club. I had their CDs but bought their vinyls. (Joyful Noise is the record label in the US) Funny that as long as I've known of records, the first LP's I ever purchased were two that I owned on CD. I love the band and the music on these two albums so much (it was what I'd been waiting for. The sound of things falling apart) that well, I bought them from the merch table that was staffed by the band themselves. I'd have spent more but they didn't have any t-shirts left :)

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    Aug 11, 2019
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    I have a few left - maybe fifty. The drive belt on my turntable broke maybe twenty years ago and I never replaced it. My sixty year old ears are decidedly lo-fi, so mp3s work fine for me and you can't beat having your entire music collection in your pocket.
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    Apr 1, 2013
    Buying vinyl went so beyond the music, though that was obviously the ultimate end. I remember going to Licorice Pizza or Tower and leaving with a bunch of new albums. We’d ooh and ah at our bounty on the way home, and once there, we would then run the open side of the sleeve over our jeans super fast. The friction would wear down the cellophane perfectly just as if you’d slit it with a knife, such that you’d then just pull it open preserving the protective cellophane as well. You did this because the album covers were pieces of art themselves, to us anyway. I remember they always had such an inviting smell, which I think was the waxy stuff that was also put on top of the cover from the pressing plant. Then you’d put the record on the turntable, carefully placing that expensive new upgraded needle/cartridge you had bought down on the edge of the disc and you entered Nirvana.

    Later, we would also at the same time buy blank cassettes, so that we could tape and therefore preserve the vinyl. I was a TDK guy, but an equal number of my friends were Maxell devotees. A lot of my stuff was recorded on the first play, and often the vinyl was then put away. This was especially true once we could drive and a lot of the listening was on a car stereo. The result is that there are about 1,500 albums still in like new condition that I still have in storage. Some of the reallly rare stuff I ripped to MP3 but a lot of it simply was later upgraded to CD and then ripped or purchased digitally. But I still can’t bear to part with the vinyl, the whole experience was so much an important part of my life.

    Oh, and that was just for new albums. Don’t get me started on spending entire Saturdays flipping through tbe used bins for hidden treasures someone else foolishly discarded.

    Good times!
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  7. BluesForDan

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    I wish I had kept my vinyl collection. I did gather a bunch from somebody else who was reducing their collection because they were living in an apartment and had gone all CD. Now I'm about to leave a single family house and will be living in an apartment for the foreseeable future. I 'only' have two milk crates full of LPs
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    Dec 18, 2015
    Yes, so much tactile joy with LPs. For many years the ultimate purpose was to make the perfect mixed tape (TDK and Maxell did make some great quality cassettes). Preferably for a gorgeous prospect. You needed a lot of source material, albums, to do that properly. At least I did.

    The book, and the movie, High Fidelity, really nailed it. I still get it from friends and family. "Every time I see that movie is playing I think of Joe."
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    May 9, 2019
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    Yesterday I forgot to mention a few artists:

    Iron Maiden- I have a vintage copy of the first album in rough shape and a modern pressing of my absolute fave Maiden album: Powerslave

    Frank Zappa- Apostrophe. This was one of the ones I nabbed from my parents. His most commercial album but an all time classic. I think I have a Joe's Garage album too.

    Tenacious D


    Traveling Wilburys

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    Feb 15, 2018
    I do. I have a 1983 AR "the Turntable" as part of my Adcom, Rotel, Spica budget audiophile set up.
    I used to have a collection of expensive collection of import pressings and MoFi editions all of which would be worth an insane amount of money today. I got back into it within the last couple years. Prices are crazy. A beat up, garbage U.S. pressing of a Led Zep album fetching 20 bucks. That's a joke.
    I scrounge thrift store bins for an occasional good find. Just got Paul Butterfield, Roy Buchanan and Moody Blues (on UK). I wont buy anything unless it's mint and cheap.
    I do not subscribe to the nonsense that vinyl sounds better. It can sound just as good, but it takes a whole LOT more effort.
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  11. ToneChaser77

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    Sep 29, 2019
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    The covers are half the fun. I've been collecting for a long time so I have most if not all of several of my favorite classic rock bands releases. Jimi Hendrix ,Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,Allman Brothers,ZZ top and quite a few more. Because of the amount I have, I now have to pick and choose what, if any new that I bring home. Already having alot of the music I want and being a little more picky about what I buy, I find myself drawn more and more toward unique album art\covers. Especially the novelty covers like the stones Sticky Fingers,Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babys w\the billion dollar bill,Cheech and Chong Big Bamboo and the giant rolling paper, Led Zeppelin in through the out door(paper bag cover w\sleeve that changes color when wet, like watercolor).These are just fun and always seem to make me smile when I find one. There also a few banned or censored covers that I am always on the lookout for such as Electric ladyland original cover,Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors (flame cover),the Beatles Yesterday and today ( butcher cover), as well as the Parliament one in the picture. 3d cover. So yes the covers are just as much of an obsession as the records in them.
  12. fuelish

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    Yeah, I have probably 300 LPs here and there...have roughly 1/3 of them burned into iTunes and on my iPod, but it's pretty time intensives recording them in real time, adding song titles, etc. I prefer the "sound," never preferred CDs or other digital, but yeah, it's pretty convenient. Lately, the most use my LPs get are the several decorating the wall of my son's and daughter's bedrooms....they've moved on out, but I guess I raised them well, they have Beatles (Apple logo), Queen, RAMONES, my blue Wreckless Eric LP, and my blue/green swirl Flying Lizards EP up daughter likes the Beatles apple logo, green on one side, sliced half on the other
  13. BluesForDan

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    for me, LPs are the way I 'learned' my music. To this day, when I hear a Zep tune, I expect the next song to be the one following next on the album. Skipping songs was a pain so you listened all the way through. As much as I like Spotify, I don't really care so much for 'enhanced' albums that have 5 or 10 extra songs. I want to hear the album the way I remember it, the songs in their play order and no more.
  14. JSutter

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    May 22, 2019
    My father has thousands of records. I keep telling myself I'll grab a few and give them a spin. I never do.

    I had tons of fun playing with his equipment as a kid.
  15. cool gouhl

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    Dec 4, 2014
    I got rid of all my vinyl years ago, but my daughter has been getting into it and asked for a player for Christmas so I got her this. ion-mustang-lp-4-in-1-classic-car-styled-music-center-with-vinyl-record-player-red-08f.jpg e233309.jpg
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    May 9, 2019
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    Listening to this one today:

  17. Uncle Joe

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    Dec 18, 2015
    Quiet, sunny start to the weekend and here's the morning vinyl...
  18. One String Sam

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    Jan 10, 2015
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    I'm kind of lucky compared to friends who have sold all of their vinyl to switch to digital, regretted it and started trying to rebuild a collection or friends who have had their collection stolen in a break in, one of them found a lot of his collection in a shop and used a redundancy cheque to buy back what he could find. As an aside, the records were stolen from his then girlfriends house, she had a habit of collecting lifes waifs and strays as friends including some extremely questionable characters. The guy who we think stole the records was a talented guitarist to the extent that he taught for a living but had then got into H which led to the personality change and stealing the vinyl, the H killed him a few years down the line. I've been buying vinyl for going on forty years now but it has certainly slowed down, gone are the days of me waiting for the postman with international packages of second hand vinyl, thinking about it it's not actually that long ago that I was still doing this, only a couple of years. I was never a collector as in looking for rare pressings to flip, if I saw something I wanted at a reasonable price I'd buy it, my copy of the White Album is the Japanese edition but I didn't buy it for that reason, it showed up in the second hand section of my favourite music store and as my copy of the album was the tape it made sense to upgrade to vinyl albeit tape is making a bit of a comeback. I still buy vinyl but no longer do the trips to the counter with bundles to the value that I used to, I'll generally stay in double figures these days. I'm sure vinyl also reminds a number of us of our younger days when the covers were used to build something on.

    Re turntables, over the years I went through a number of brands until about fifteen years ago when I upped my budget but not by a great deal and bought a Project Xpression III and the difference was immediately apparent, the sound just got better, more open and airier. The downside is that a new needle is between a third and half of what I'd previously been paying for a turntable.

    I started photographing my vinyl about a decade and a half ago, I thought it made sense for insurance purposes, after about a year I realised it may be a good idea to use the flash. There still quite a bit to be photographed and/or edited and put online.

    12' vinyl

    7' vinyl

    Just looking at some of those 7's, the Scottish World Cup song etc, I'd been at a community open air market and a couple were selling some of their vinyl. It had came to the end of the day and I was eagerly persusing their selcetion, it had started to rain, they wanted to retreat back to their house and the male selected a pile of the complete dogs and handed them to me and packed up. A couple of years previously an ex partner had moved to London and asked me to look after her vinyl "for a couple of months until I'm settled" and then never picked it up. She'd emailed me saying she'd bought a turntable so things were going to start moving re her collection so I went through my own collection withdrawing things like Barry Manilow singles which as a child I'd scraped things onto with a compass and posted these along with the howlers from the market to her. She got back to me saying that she felt like crying as she must have the worst record collection in London. After eleven years I eventually posted all of her vinyl back to her as it was taking up shelf space I needed, unfortunately another friend had dumped his vinyl with me in the same time period and after a decade when he picked it up it appears he played fast and loose with what was his and helped himself to a fair bit of hers specifically the punk originals which her brother thought were going to pay his mortgage. She accepted my counter point that after eleven years she was lucky to get back anything.

    God, I don't half go on.

    Edit, looking at the photos there's a fair bit of Scottish accordion/folk type stuff, these were given to me by an ex whose grandmother was putting her vinyl out to pasture, I don't think I've ever played any of them, I'm happy to swap them for a Jazzmaster.
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    I have the same exact deck.
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