NRD- Does anybody still have vinyl?

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  1. ToneChaser77

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    Sep 29, 2019
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    New(actually old)Record Day. I have been collecting and trading records for most of my life. My first albums were acquired around 1988 when the local library held a book fair and allowed sellers to participate also. This one guy had a table with boxes full of old Rock records for like 25 cents a piece. I think I had gotten an allowance of 5 dollars the Friday before so I racked up. lol. I was 11 and just starting to develop my own musical tastes beyond what I heard my parents listening too. Which was mostly country\southern rock along the lines of Hank Williams to CCR, Lynnard Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers. I can't remember what all I got that day but I do know 2 of them. Queen-News of the world and The Eagles- Greatest hits. From there I was hooked. Anyway. My Uncle who also collects called to ask if I had an old stereo receiver I wasn't using that he could use for listeng to music on his back porch\deck and it just so happens that I did. I had a 300 w Sony reciver that use to be the hub of my home entertainment system but when I moved but I no longer had room for such a big system so. I gave away the big MTX speakers to a freind(3 way speakers with 15 in woofers) but still had the reciever tucked under the bed. So we did a little trade. I got rid of something I haven't used in over 2 years and got some new\used vinyl in exchange. Win win in my book. And no I dont just look at them. I listen to every single record I get. I look at the cover,read the lyrics and always pay attention to the personnel. That is, who's playing what. It's really an experience\ritual that I miss nowadays since everything has gone digital. So I still indulge in old vinyl any chance I get. So I ask do any of you collect lps and what are your favorites?
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  2. Papa Joe

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    Dec 12, 2009
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    All of mine are now gone and I had several hundred..I wasn't playing them anymore anyway so they're gone..Some of them I copied to CDs..and still have them..Very wide selection..
  3. Triple Jim

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    That Duane Allman anthology is excellent.

    I have a bunch of LPs, but I started 20 years before you did so it was easy. It's funny... when digital audio first became available, we all recognized the superior dynamic range and fidelity. Now in some circles there's a feeling that the compressed audio, lower S/N ratio (etc.) is better. Go figure.

    I have to admit that when I hear a little dust popping in the lead-in track it makes me feel warm and comfortable. :)
  4. ToneChaser77

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    Sep 29, 2019
    Milledgeville, Ga
    I have sooo much now. I also have quite a CD collection from the 90s mostly. Although I dont buy used CD's or any Cds anymore. I just pay for Amazon music unlimited. I also have a very wide selection with more than a few obscure records that I'm not even sure were ever converted to digital for release. I actually hate that all the hipsters started collecting records. Drove the price up on all vinyl. Now it's not as cheap of a hobby. Still pretty cheap but I use to get good records for 50 cents to a dollar a piece now its $5-10 per record for even the most common stuff. Of course you could always go to Walmart and buy the new reprints being sold there for 30 to 40 an album. I'd rather dig through crates at yard sales and flea markets than ever pay those prices.
  5. duceditor

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    May 29, 2014
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    Yup. Me too. The sole exception being my own 2011 album.

    I'd had hundreds of albums when I lived in Boston. When we moved permanently our home here I stored them in one of the cottages fully expecting to eventually bring them to the main house. Seventeen years later I realized that it just wasn't going to happen and gave the whole caboodle to a friend.

    My turntable still sits where it did, with "Hey, Let's Go Now!" in place and from time to time I put it on. But even there I'm more like to simply say "Alexa, turn on the stereo. Play the album Hey, Let's Go Now."

    Vinyl was a fun ritual. I can appreciate why others still enjoy it. But for me the music itself became the sole interest and everything I could want I have at voice command.

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  6. squierbilly

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    Apr 21, 2013
    sunny phoenix
    I think i had that parliment.. does it have flashlight on it? (The only song i remember without looking it up)..

    One of my first records was The eagles greatest hits also,,

    As far as i recall the second memorable album was a classic Elton John

    The albums are long gone.. Quite a few years ago i started another collection when a used record store opened down the street from me.. one of the first records then was an Ozzy
    Blizzard of Ozz

    And a rather shocking album of the stones sticky fingers,,
    (The zipper had rusted and staind the underwear to look like a late stage of clap by the wearer.. rumerd to be one of the stones but thats not true according to wiki)..

    This collection too was dispersed of when some unexpected finacial bumps were encountered..
    Pretty good chance sometime in the future i will start another collection of favorites.. only a video documentary could be better than perusing a album and liners while listening to the record.. :)
  7. Mr Bones

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    Oct 17, 2019
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    Usedta have couple hunnert, left em in care of a super audiophile bro of mine fer safekeepin, when I went in th Bees, in '85.

    His house burnt to th ground. :( Fortunately, he did not)
  8. jjudas

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    Mar 23, 2016
    Metro New Orleans
    I have about 250 albums. Deep Purple, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Rainbow, The Beatles collection and more classic rock stuff. I also have a bunch of 45s from the 60s and 70s. I've got a working 8 track player with about 2 dozen good tapes. I also have a bunch of good playing cassette tapes. My CD collection is pretty extensive. I have collections by Sabbath, Priest, Dio, Rainbow, Rob Zombie, Monster Magnet and a ton a new Metal stuff. I also have a killer catalogue of 90s Death Metal, Grindcore and Black Metal.
  9. '88 … that's about the time CD's where making a play on the market. A local FM station announced the new format as making vinyl LP's obsolete. For a while I guess they where right but I held onto all of mine. I had to replace a copy of Eric Clapton "Slow Hand". Somehow it went missing.
    I have an extensive Deep Purple and Rainbow collection but so many others too. Domestic, import European and Japanese pressings, colored vinyl, interview records, radio promos, bootlegs, etc.
    Cheers, Barrie.
  10. SquierTap

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Nashville, Tn
    Ya know, I've never owned a vinyl record, and the ONLY time I ever listened to vinyl was when we were about 15 years old diggin through the basement and came across my Aunt's old record/8 track cabinet, and a copy of George Carlin's "Class Clown"...

    But I've ALWAYS wanted a record player... As far as sound quality, I've never experienced a GOOD quality (ie; new, clean, undamaged) record, but because of all the crappy, dusty, dirty old records, I've always thought of vinyl as inferior... Admittedly, that's probably not right...

    And if my recent experience with hearing and owning my first tube amp is any indication of my judgement, I'm probably WAY off! Lol...

    I'd LOVE to hear how a good quality vinyl record, played through a good tube recieved would sound...

    The IDEA of the ritual and staring at the album covers and notes HIGHLY appeals to me... I ALWAYS did that with my cassettes and cds back in the day...

    Maybe it's about time I finally got myself one...
  11. @SquierTap … you'd literally be shocked at the quality of a good audiophile vinyl pressing on a good system. Expect to get goose pimples on your arms … and be mesmerized.
    Cheers, Barrie.
  12. Mfranzdorf

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    Feb 2, 2016
    NW Ohio
    I’m a casual vinyl listener. I have an old console player and a modest collection, and it’s nice to put a record on and relax. I’ll buy a new record if I get the mind to or see a unique one for sale somewhere.
  13. kjmac

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    Aug 14, 2017
    Omaha, NE
    Many years ago, I sold off about 300 LPs and ultimately regretted it. Over the past several years, I have started another collection. Far fewer, but all high quality and music that I really love to listen to analog.
  14. howserx

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    Apr 20, 2017
    Toronto, Canada
    I still have mine but buy very few new albums. Too expensive now. $30 for Black sabbath? Love to own it on vinyl but for that price I'll buy the CD. The flea markets have very little I'd buy. Not really into Perry Como and Polka.
  15. mrriggs

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    Apr 27, 2018
    Vancouver, WA
    I think I'm too young and too old to appreciate vinyl records. Had tapes as a kid, threw them all away when I got a CD player. Still collect CDs. It's fun to hunt thrift stores for hidden gems. So far they're still uncool enough to be $0.99 each.
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  16. Uncle Joe

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    Dec 18, 2015
    I have lots of vinyl. Mostly 70's Rock. That's what I've kept, anyway. I have shelves filled in the basement. Every time we clean up the house, attic and basement, I can't bring myself to tossing them in the dumpster. This time we had a dumpster out front while tearing off old roof tiles. I didn't even think about dumping the LPs, but most of the hit '80s 45s I collected as a radio PD got tossed.

    A couple of years ago, when we cleared out my parents house and realized how much stuff was just collecting dust for decades, I looked at my own home and considered donating the albums to a local record store, but I never packed them up and put them in the van. Instead I picked through the basement collection and put about three hundred of my favorites upstairs in my office. I sold one of my Technics 1200 MK2 turntables and cleaned up the other, back to it's former place of distinction.

    The cool thing about vinyl is it reminds me of what I was like when I procured the record. It helps me to teach my kids about music and my life, extended family, friends, school and old jobs. We have something physical to hold, even if only for a few moments, and it grabs everyone's attention. The other functional aspect is it keeps me from going into cyber-trance because I need to get up out of my chair every 15-20 minutes to flip or change the album when I'm working on my home computer. I like the ritual of it. Love the sound. I've always taken great care of my stuff.
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  17. Uncle Joe

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    Dec 18, 2015
    I do the same thing in our living area downstairs. I pay for one device, an Amazon Echo, and run it through an original Bose Sound Link. Amazing that you can call up just about anything. Not King Crimson though.

    There was a time, maybe twenty years ago or twenty five years ago, that there was a real sweet-spot in LP collecting. They used to have record shows at crappy old motels and nice VFW halls where vendors would sell off their collections for a buck a piece. Less even. Then business got slow. Fewer customers and still good inventory. I augmented the missing pieces in my extensive collection during those years. Long gone now. I can't believe what new vinyl goes for and I rarely pay for recorded music, other than Amazon Music Unlimited, anymore. The last music I purchased was a six disc CD set of early BB King for less than eighteen bucks. I still listen to CDs in the car.
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  18. Uncle Joe

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    Dec 18, 2015
    This is the way to do it. Buy while the market is down. Just be selective and you won't regret it.
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  19. mofojar

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    May 9, 2019
    Calgary, Alberta
    I'm old enough to remember when CDs first started coming out. My dad had a DJ business in addition to his band so we were one of the first families to have a CD player.

    But us kids didn't get that technology right away. We got this awesome combination shelf style stereo that had AM/FM, cassette, 8-track and vinyl. Most of the music that we would have would be on cassette in those days but I remember finding 8-tracks and vinyl to play on the stereo. One of the 8-tracks my brother and I listened to a lot as kids was the Easy Rider soundtrack. I was a bit young to understand the Pusher but Born to be Wild is a song that just grabs you no matter what age you are.

    We weren't really allowed to go wild with my parents record collections but I do remember buying this ZZ Top 45 at a garage sale because I thought their beards were great. The music was great as well.

    So in '94 I turned 12 and started my CD collection when I got a CD Boombox for my birthday. I think this is really when my love for physical media began and I still have some of those CDs that I practically wore out when I was a teenager. I mention all of this because around that time my parents decided to sell off their collection at a garage sale so I went through and nabbed every single classic rock vinyl that they had. I got some Queen, some Joe Jackson, some B-52s, some AC/DC and more and my vinyl collection began.

    In the late 90's I found a copy of CCR's 20 Greatest Hits, still in the original plastic. That was the first record I bought.

    Over the next fifteen years or so I didn't really collect any more vinyl as I was mostly focused on expanding my CD collection. Once I got my first modern PC, I started buying the CDs and copying them to my PC so for the first time I was preserving the cases and artwork on a collection shelf. I'd like to say I probably have between 500-800 CDs, many of them obscure or rare heavy metal and all of them in basically perfect condition.

    Around 2013 my dad bought me one of those suitcase "portable" record players and vinyl was starting to make a comeback in a big way. He found my record collection from the 90s and gave it back to me. It was small but I had a few cool ones, like a signed copy of a Blue Rodeo album my old roommate gave me when he moved back to Cape Breton.

    I was still buying a lot of CDs but I had started to notice that they were pressing more and more classic albums on vinyl. So I made it a goal to find a brand new vinyl of a modern metal band on sale at HMV. I looked for a few months but finally found Opeth's Sorceress album on glorious 180g vinyl! That was the opening I needed to start my collection.

    I knew that it would be silly to buy every album I already owned on CD, so I made my goal to buy at least one album from every artist that influenced me or was important to me for any reason. My collection blossomed and it coincided with quitting smoking so I had enough spending cash. Around this time I also bought a much better record player with an auxiliary output.

    I combed the new vinyl at the record stores. I went to used record stores and garage sales to find awesome bargains. I grabbed some rare ones from this Vinyl Bus that would park outside my office tower. I ordered them online and pre-ordered box sets from my favourite bands. Limited colour pressings, the whole deal.

    As for my goal, I feel like I've mostly achieved it. One of the things I really like about modern vinyl is I can buy a new album from a band like Amon Amarth and it comes with a download card for Bandcamp. So in some cases I've stopped buying the CD versions in favour of the vinyl version and downloading it to my PC and phone for when I'm on the go.

    I get the most amount of pleasure from listening to metal on vinyl but I do have quite a few rap albums (it just seems right to listen to rap on a turntable for some reason) and of course I have a ton of classic rock and old school country rounding out the collection.

    Here's a partial list of bands that I have at least one vinyl record of:
    The Who
    Led Zeppelin
    The Beatles
    Bob Marley
    Rage Against the Machine
    The Offspring
    Green Day
    Amon Amarth
    Sonata Arctica
    The Dead South
    Joe Walsh
    Tom Petty
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Riders in the Sky
    Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol 1
    Woods of Ypres
    Wu-Tang Clan
    Dr. Dre
    Snoop Doggy Dogg
    Cheech and Chong
    Black Sabbath
    Blind Guardian
    Blue Rodeo
    Boney M
    Deep Purple
    Dire Straits
    The Eagles
    Johnny Cash
    Pink Floyd

    And more I'm probably forgetting.

    TL; DR- I love collecting vinyl and have done it since before it was cool.
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  20. Loin Lover

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    Jul 26, 2018
    Backwoods, USA
    I still have albums, 250 give or take a few hundred. 90+ % are '70s classic rockers, a few country and pop of the early '80s. Madonna Like a Virgin anyone? See album of the month below. The chronology:

    I had a Panasonic cassette player/recorder mid '70s. Using an earphone jack and two 5 1/4" car speakers in 2"x6" homemade cabinets (heavy, haha) I built my first pseudo stereo. Most kids had 8 tracks, few had cassettes until the late '70s.

    I belonged to both Columbia House and RCA record clubs. Heaven help me when I forgot to send that monthly thing back and automatically received their album (tape) of the month. I'll never forget the 1910 Fruitgum Company. The "store bought" tapes proved to be very poor quality with longevity issues compared to the better TDK and Maxell models.

    After a few years of easily being able to put all my possessions in a Pontiac Ventura II I settled into a job and place to call home in the early '80s. I bought 140 albums from a high skool friend for $1 each with the agreement he could have them back upon request. I still have 'em and more. Most have been played only once to record onto TDK or Maxell cassettes. I still have them too.

    My boss had a pair of Sansui speakers, couldn't tell you the model. They had really nice wooden grills. Hooked to it was a Kenwood AM/FM receiver. We talk about guitars we regret selling, I regret not owning this today. It was unlike any stereo I had ever seen. It was switchable from 100, 200, or 400 watts I believe (possibly 50 / 100 /200?). It had a speed adjustable rhythm section and was capable of guitar amplification with spring reverb. I recall the setting 'bossanova', lol. I bought those and a quality Techniques cassette deck and direct drive turntable. Seems like the turntable cartridge had to be purchased separately, does that sound right? Mine was a high $ (for the time) Shure.

    A couple years later as a married Army Private making bird feed I sold all. Well, I sold the hardware. I still have the albums, cassettes, and Disk Washer. :)

    UPDATE: Thinking about that receiver stimulated curiosity. I could not find the exact model. The one in the link is the closest I found but it is a lower / lesser model. I recall mine having push buttons to select 100/200/400 watt, or 50/100/200, still can't remember zactly.
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