Reverend Bow

Jul 2, 2022
Southwest AZ
So my last full day in Las Vegas, I hit up Sixx Gun Music again, and also Guitar Center (because I have a think for pain and discomfort on a Saturday afternoon..)

At Sixx Gun, I picked up a NOS Amptweaker TightBoost.
And at Guitar Center, I got a Xotic EP Booster

I drove home today, so I am looking forward to throw them in front of a real tube amp..

Reverend Bow

Jul 2, 2022
Southwest AZ
Ok, first up on the pedal board is the Xotic Effects EP-Booster

I have the DIP switches set to the "Vintage" Setting. So no +3db gain, no Bright switch ...
Current chain is:
A Strat (duh!) - Crybaby - EHX Electric Mistress - EP Booster - MXR Dynamic Comp - Surfy Bear FET Spring Reverb - Boss DD-8 - BBE Soul Vibe - BME V6 amp (set clean) - Weber Mini Mass - Joyo Cab Box - headphones - my ears

It is hard to explain, but with the knob anywhere above "0" and up to 12:00, it adds a lot of fullness to the sound on singles or humbuckers.

Above 12:00, it still adds fullness but will start to "push" the amp a bit more, and if you really dig in, it will head into breakup.

I am digging it.

Time to try the Amptweaker TightBoost

Reverend Bow

Jul 2, 2022
Southwest AZ
And the AmpTweaker TightBoost...

Ok, so there is a difference for sure...

The Tightboost has a lot more features:
Boost, Highs, Mids, Tight ... it has an Effects Loop (with a switch to put the Boost pre or post loop, and it has a setting to do the "parked Wah" thing.

So these things are to totally different critters. The Tightboost can do a lot of adjusting of your sound, and the parked wah ability is pretty cool.

This pedal is going to take some exploration ...

That being said, first impressions:

The EP-Booster does exactly what I thought it would, add a boost, a little color, some fullness, and some vintage "mojo" to the tone...

The Tightboost is a full on tweaker pedal...

I have to figure out what to run in the effects loop...


Apr 20, 2017
Winnipeg Canada
That's interesting, a boost with a built in Cocked-wah. I love the cocked wah sound. Sometimes though, I forget I left the wah on and wonder what the hell is going on with my tone.


Aug 31, 2019
United States
I loves me some Amptweaker pedals. The Tight Boost is exactly the kind of thing that James is so good at - it lets the player shape what they want their sound to be.