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    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I didn't know where else to put it, and I will be using this in my studio .
    New keyboard day.
    This was being thrown out by the music teacher at the school I work at, and all it cost me was the price of a new power adapter.
    It's a roland e-35 intelligent synthesizer. I'm super stoked with this, as I have started an electronic music project with a mate since my pain levels have increased and playing my instruments can be painful at times, but keyboard is easy on my limbs.
    It has some awesome sounds and features for an oldie, and I much prefer it to my midi keyboard I have been using, as the computer programs have wayyyy too many options and I end up spending way to long finding the right sounds. Same reason I don't like line6 multi effects units and modelling amps (and other brands, but I've only owned line6)
    It has an arranger/composer built in, so you can layer 6 different sounds and mix the volumes indivually which will be handy on the days I'm couch/bed ridden.
    I haven't figured out all the features yet, and I don't have the manual so I'll be having a bit of fun figuring it out.
    Now I need to find me a keyboard stand and sustain pedal :) I want a 2 tier keyboard stand so that I can set my midi keyboard up with a bass sound and the roland with synth sounds for jamming sessions.
    Anyway, I'm stoked. I've been looking for one but I haven't had the money for quite some time, and this cost me $20 for a power supply :)
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    Guitar, bass, drums and 2 keyboards... nice.
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    I grew up in a house with an upright grand piano, drum kit, guitars, basses, amps, acoustics, flutes, a violin, a saxophone, and everyone in my family could play at least one instrument, half of us were multi instrumentalists. I would feel lonely without instruments kicking about!
    My family have never had a lot (not poor, but certainly not materialistic. Both mum and dad's vans blew smoke up and down the street) but my parents always made sure we had music lessons, and our own instruments to look after. I got my first drum kit at age 10, first bass at 13, and was put in piano lessons from as early as 6.
    My Dad played piano in church, and my mum took over when he had had enough. I was up on stage as early as 14.
    I'm not a church guy now, but I appreciate the opportunities I had to grow as a musician.
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