NGD today Squier JV '62

Discussion in 'Japanese Vintage Squiers' started by Tamarindo03, Apr 9, 2020.

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    Sweet! That's quite a menagerie you're building there :D
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    Mar 18, 2017
    This guitar deserves a species-appropriate housing:D
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    Lovely collection you have there. Can I ask if you have any preference between the 57 and 62 Jv guitars? Other than the rosewood and maple fretboards is there much of a difference?
  4. Tamarindo03

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    Mar 18, 2017
    Other than the fretboard material and some tiny differences in neck volume they can have there isn’t really a difference playing and feeling wise between the '57 and '62....

    ....Between some of my '62 necks there are very, very, really veeeeeeery tiny but measurable differences in neck volume. Almost nothing, but enough giving me a slight different feel while playing - and that’s the beauty. Overall they have all the same shape but each feels a little bit different again.

    I normally prefer rosewood necks, but the maple neck on my JV is my most favorite neck right now just because of the overall playing feel.

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    Jun 29, 2015
    I know JV and SQ are early Squier ones.

    1) Were they the earliest Squiers?

    2) Was JV the 50s and 60s pre-CBS design types, and the SQs released a year later the 70s CBS designs?

    I had an ‘85 ST-357 and while nice, it wasn’t in this quality range above except for body, neck, and frets. IIRC mine had cheapo tuners and ceramic pickups. My guess is that the JV and SQ are ‘82-‘84 only. Those early JV models are better than my MIM Classic Series 50s strat.
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    Mar 18, 2017
    Exactly. The vintage styled instruments with JV serial prefix were the first Squiers produced, from 1982-1984 ('52 Telecaster, '57 Strat and Precision, '62 Strat, Precision and Jazz Bass).

    Next serial prefix was SQ from 1983-1984. With "SQ" most people associate the big headstock Strats (CST) and Telecaster (CTL) models. But there were loads of different models in the Squier Range with SQ serial, the same for later JV serial.

    While these "JV" models were advertised for example as "62 vintage Stratocaster", the SQ serial big headstock Strats and Teles were advertised as the "Current" models. Of course, the real Fender 70's guitars weren’t vintage at this time and production just stopped two years before Squier "copied" them, but they weren’t that exact copies like the JV vintage styled instruments.

    That was a very short take, it would fill pages to go more into details. At you can get a good overview.

    I like them because of the necks, specs and overall quality, they just suiting my likings.
    In today’s Squier range you will find instruments that can be just as good. Also mexican ones. It’s all about personal preferences.