NGD Slick SL57 Strat


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Aug 30, 2010
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Black Ash Strat.jpg I broke down after a very long draught, and bought a handful of guitars. I made the purhase short and sweet. So far, I have been impressed by Earl Slick Guitars. Earl is a session and live player for the likes of David Bowie, John Lennon and an ocean of other artists. In Earl's spare time, he designs gutiar parts and, guitars and clothing. That is probably the easiest way to big your biggest fan and a great way to ensure your retirement. It is a Brilliant idea, and if you are going to spend money like this, you could easily have a good year. Did I mention fun too? Yeah it is, all part of the master plan.

Slick designs guitars and guitar straps. They are recreated in South Korea, which has become a hotbed of guitar manufacturing as well as guitar parts. The shipping time from South Korea is incredibly fast these days as well. If you are working with a reputable company, You shouldn't have trust issues. These companies wan your bussiness and are willing to compete to get it.

My slick SL57 is a standard SSS pickup configuration, also with a rosewood fingerboard as well medium jumbo frets. The paint, or lack of paint, on these guitars are something I have grown to appreciate. There are not a lot of coats, just a simple few, and it has a a satin like texture. to it. Tje cp;pr color is Aged Black Ash. Along with its brass hardware, transcend the guitar's $220 price tag, by at least a mile. The tuners look better than they actually feel and keep the guitar in tune. So, I bought the GFS locking, Sperzel style locking tuners for $34.00. This should be no surprise, I put the locking tuners on every guitar I have the pleasure of playing.. Own it or not.. lol

After a good setup and neck adjustment, the guitar is ready to go. The stock pickups are Alinico 5 with a slightly hot output. The pickups are a strong point for GFS, Guitarfitish. Other than replacing the nut and tuners, the guitar sounds great. When you factor in the $220 price, you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

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