NGD! It has safely arrived

Reverend Bow

Jul 2, 2022
Southwest AZ
So after it had a chance to chill out while I was away for a week+... I played it quite bit last night... and decided tonight to adjust the truss rod and steel wool the back of the neck.

About a 1/2 turn of the truss rod to straighten the neck.

Then some 000 and 0000 steel wool up the back side of the neck to try a reduce the tackiness...

Might try to lower the action down too after letting the neck/truss rod settle a while

Guitar Hobbyist

Squier Talker
Mar 11, 2022
HNGD! Nice looking axe. And you got to pick your guitar from Sweetwater’s Guitar Gallery.

I got two instruments myself from Sweetwater, both in sunburst finish. A CV ‘70s Telecaster Custom (an early Christmas present from my son) and an American Professional II Precision Bass (a Christmas present from Santa Claus). I must have been a good boy last year.

The other two are a 1976 Jazz Bass and a 1990 U.S.A. made Squier Standard Strat, both purchased new by me. There’s a 1994 Les Paul Studio in the electric guitar collection as well but this is a Fender family only photo. Every instrument I own (including two acoustics) has the Gibson or Fender name on the headstock, the Fender name in either large or small print.


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