NGD CV Jazzmaster with rewire/review

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    Apr 16, 2020
    I really like the look of the new CV Jazzamateur posted and previously owned a VM which I liked so decided I'd take a shot at one and overall I'm very happy with it....
    Negatives.....even after a lot of work the fingerboard on mine has a blotchy,dirty look to it and very open pores...took a lot to get it acceptable...feels fine to play on now though but its about 2hrs work in it,I wouldn't like to be paying myself for it!

    DSCN4151.JPG The pickups are well made but not to my taste really....more Sonic Youth than Pops Staples....lifeless feeling with an unusually hot bridge (over 10K) ,I feel they could be better even at this price point.
    They are however neatly made and well potted and could be easily rewound... .hopefully though Tonerider will produce something in the next year or two given the fashion for Offsets currently.
    The nut needed attention right off on most strings for an "afterfuzz" and again after a good few hours to finally settle it.
    The trem works well with a really good fit on the arm for will loosen but thats fixable and inevitable....
    Comfortable neck,decent fretwork,tuners etc.
    The Mustang type bridge works fine though despite the extra effort in setting up I prefer the flexibility of the height adjustment on the original type saddles.The height adjustment grubs inside the posts need to be threadlocked once you're happy with your action as they inevitably work loose and your bridge lowers gradually with playing! This is pretty much par for the course with all levels of Jazz and Jag...
    The tort plate is decent,better than many MIM and MIA I've seen...
    I changed to CTS 500K log pots which don't add much darkness but give a response I prefer esp on the vol...
    A also replaced all the wiring and the main circuit cap using mainly braided cable which drastically cut interference...also changed the pickup wires to push-back and made the covers properly removable.

    .....why do Squier think we need child-proof pickups?:(....they look like Roswell jobbies to me...
    The rhythm/lead circuit switch has the feel of something not long for this world and if I'd had one handy I'd have changed it right away.
    Do caps make a difference to your "tone"?....well the main things that would improve my tone would be
    A Talent
    B Practice
    I can't do anything to produce A and don't do anything much about B...but hell I can pop a nicer capacitor in and its good for my head....o_O
    Overall though a good instrument that certainly captures the vintage Jazzmaster "vibe" nicely and which I'm enjoying a lot!