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NGD 1990 Epi Les Paul MIK


Aug 4, 2016
Laguna Niguel
Nice! I definitely have "headstock envy". Really nice looking finish. What are the electronics/pickups like? Would love to hear that thing.

Yeah that headstock is pretty cool, right! I think it would classify as “rare” or at least “hard to find”. I looked on eBay and reverb and didn’t see any listings except one in the UK. The seller had no idea, it was given to him as a gift from a friend, he never played it. I even had to meet him at his parents house who had moved out and the guitar was one of his things left behind. It was one of those,”contain your excitement, poker face, poker face” moments. Lol

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Angry Possum

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Oct 30, 2019
Squier Island NY
I pulled the trigger on this one yesterday. Open book style narrow headstock according to @Paruwi. According to Wikipedia they only made these for a year 1989-1990, sticker on mine says 1990 but guitar dater says 1989. Anyway, it’s been pretty much rarely played since that time, no fret wear, no dings, electronics good. So far after 20 min of playing, I am liking the “slim 60s” neck. And wow it sure does clean up nice, had a ton of dust on it but that’s it.



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@surfrodguitar Can you please re-post the pics of the guitar? I can't see them, probably because it's an old zombie thread...Hmmmm 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
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Jun 8, 2017
Honolulu, HI
His profile says last seen Oct. 26, 2022, so not that long ago, but last post was May 2021, so I guess he last logged on in October but didn't post anything