New Squier owner & 1st time upgrader

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Doctormark68, May 18, 2020.

  1. Doctormark68

    Doctormark68 New Member

    May 18, 2020
    Hi. I'm quite a new Squier owner, but have been playing guitar on and off for about 35 years. I managed to pick up a CY Squier Affinity strat from a charity shop for £40, (not the best I know, but for £40 I was chuffed) and am in the process of doing it up on a tiny budget. 1st thing I did was shielding, and replacing some of the cheap-looking wiring, and am thrilled that it now has NO hum at all! I also swapped out the original cap for an Orange Drop and replaced the p/u selector with a Fender one! So far, so good!
    However it's not staying in tune all that well so I've ordered a cheap nut slotting file kit, and also a set of Wilkinson tuning pegs (not 100% sure if they're going to fit, but for £20 I thought it was a try).
    I've noticed that the volume pot is a bit faulty (crackling and dropping out) so will replace that. I've done a lot of research via Google and YouTube (and reading this great forum, that I thought I must join!), and have leaned a lot; so I know I want a 250k pot - any suggestions? I'm also hoping to have a look at the trem, but think my only realistic option there might be to upgrade the block.
    If you have any suggestions for a guitar-tech mine, I'm all ears.
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  2. MI redneck

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    May 7, 2020
    Eeeeeeeaah... What's up Doc?

    Welcome to the forum. Post up some pics when you can. The fellas here love them some guitar pics!
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  3. IronSchef

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    Jun 18, 2012
    Flew here on my Dragonfly
    welcome to Squier-talk @Doctormark68 !!

    We will need pics of your guitar(s), ty! :)

    Tuning stability is usually NOT the tuner's fault - its more likely binding at the nut. get some pencil lead in there.
  4. IronSchef

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    Jun 18, 2012
    Flew here on my Dragonfly
    oh, and since that is an Affinity, it is likely a thinner body than the "standard" for Strats -- if you try putting in a full-size Trem block it will stick out the back... some folks have milled the block down, others just leave the cover off the back :)
  5. VM51SQ

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    Apr 14, 2017
    Welcome! Enjoy upgrading your guitar. As far as pots go, you might want to try de oxidizing them first, then if that doesn't help replace them.
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  6. Block Head Ike

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  7. Block Head Ike

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    Just a tip - if you buy all the parts as a "kit" - pots, switch, cap, switch tip, jack, push back wire - you can save some money. Kit costs about $30 U.S.
  8. strummer101

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    Jun 13, 2019
    I am interested in that, it there a link to the process?

    welcome to the forum
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  9. gmt124

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    Aug 11, 2019
    Wales, UK
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  10. Dana Rudd

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    Mar 9, 2020
    Greybull, WY
    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
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  11. Loin Lover

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    Jul 26, 2018
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    Welcome to ST. Guitar porn is encouraged.

    Spray electronics cleaner often eliminates scratchiness in pots.
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  12. DougMen

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    Jun 8, 2017
    Honolulu, HI
    I believe that GFS, and others too maybe, now offer better quality blocks that are shorter to fit in the thinner Affinity bodies.
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  13. CVSteve

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    Dec 28, 2017
  14. Barry

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    Feb 5, 2020
    Eastleigh, UK
  15. fuelish

    fuelish Squier-Nut

    Wire a jumper from the neck tone pot so it controls the bridge pickup as well if you have the stock standard wiring and switch, since you can't use neck and bridge at the same time. I can't stand shrill bridge pickups, I always roll off the tone knob a bit on all of my guitars. It's super easy and quick, but you'll have to find the info online like I did, I can't remember exactly how it's done, but only took one piece of wire and two dabs of solder. In fact, it's the only "mod" I've done to my guitars, other than simply aesthetic (removed a couple pickguards/switch rings, changed knobs, etc)
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  16. jefffam

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Portland, TN
    Hi and welcome.

    Unless I missed it, you only identified your guitar as a CY Affinity. What year? It can make a huge difference in how the guitar is built.

    Don't get me wrong, all Yako built guitars (NC, YN, CY and others) are great, well made guitars. It's just that the earliest CY's were made with lots of left over NC/YN bodies, necks, electronics, and pickups. It can make a huge difference in what mods you do and need.
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  17. garytone

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    Apr 16, 2019
    Indianapolis IN
    Welcome to Squier-Talk from another new member in Indiana.
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  18. garytone

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    Apr 16, 2019
    Indianapolis IN
    Oh, and have fun!
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  19. mofojar

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    May 9, 2019
    Calgary, Alberta
    Welcome to the boards!
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