New Squier CV Tele's almost all over 9lbs...

JW Adams

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Oct 2, 2022
Marshall Oklahoma USA


Dr. Squier
Jun 8, 2017
Honolulu, HI
It's not just Squiers. I just sold a Player Tele and Player Plus Strat for my bldg. manager that he got from SW, and they were both VERY heavy compared to my MIA Fenders and Squiers, and the two Player Strats I had. I don't know if he ordered heavy ones thinking they'd be better sounding (he's an acoustic player that decided to dip his toes into electrics, and decided that an Acoustasonic was as much electric as he wanted), but they were really heavy, especially the Tele.


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Jan 25, 2022
I sat on a 1985/86 Japanese Thinline Tele for 25 years! You needed a Strap to make it weight over 6 lbs! Had to sell and have since put together over 65 Partscaster's trying to make them light as she was! Finally have a couple under 6 lbs. :cool:


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Sep 14, 2022
Cape Coral, FL
I just purchased a CV50's in butterscotch and mine weighed in at 8lbs. 4 oz.
My 1986 American Strat is 9lbs. 3 oz., so the weight doesn't bother me.
It's still lighter than a 1986 Les Paul Standard.