New Old Guitar !

Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by Geetarman72, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Geetarman72

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    Apr 18, 2020
    This is actually about a week now I've had this . Some lady had a SX strat copy for sale $25 it needed some love . Few cosmetic blemishes that I touched up with some furniture marker. I had to tighten the trem and tuners and also replace some bridge saddles which I had perfect replacements for . I heard a lot about these guitars , but didn't believe the hype till I set it up an dialed it. Initial impressions are this thing is far nicer then it's price point . I've owned some nice Fenders and this guitar is up there nice big frets nice rosewood fretboard . and the pickups are really amazing at their price point. I've played for over 30 years . so I know a thing about good guitar . And this is very very nice for the price point. I play everything traditional country , rock blues This thing will do them all takes pedals very well . So I know pics or it didn't happen .

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  2. strat_strummer

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    Nov 24, 2018
    RC addiction....
    Very nice, thanks for sharing..
  3. Eddie

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    Nov 5, 2016
    New York
    Man, can't complain about a $25 guitar.

  4. Bluzy

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    Nov 20, 2017
    Hudson Valley, NY
    $25 for an SX strat is a steal! Great deal and HOGD!
  5. Shine

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    Nov 29, 2016
    Rings of Saturn
  6. Loin Lover

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    Jul 26, 2018
    Backwoods, USA
  7. Angry Possum

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    Oct 30, 2019
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    You have done well, that's a beauty. HONGD
  8. Big tuna

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    May 6, 2014
    east Tn
    It's hard to walk away from a $25 guitar nice find enjoy.
  9. Geetarman72

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    Apr 18, 2020
    Thanks Y'all . it's my current favorite . I have USA Peavey Predator and it is at least that good of quality ! and that's saying something. Really pleased with this one !