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    So I drove out to see a luthier about an hour away out on Long Island about a repair on the finish of my new Gibson Junior (something reacted with the nitro-sweat/chemical?) , and a proper setup. Anyway, my older cousin lives out that way so I figured I’d go see him to say hello, and catch up. I told him I dropped a guitar off and was in the area, which brought up the subject of guitars. You see, he gave me a Strat that he wasn’t using, way back in 1981 when I was 11 years old. Long story short, about 3 weeks later he decided to start a band lol, and asked for the guitar back. That was the extent of my guitar playing until well into middle age. ( one always wonders what might have been had he not taken that guitar back) Anyway, we were kids, I got pissed that he took the Strat back and took up drums for a while instead. So tonight after a cigar and a few laughs about that, he went to the garage came back and said, “well it’s not the old Strat, it’s actually a far cry from it. I don’t have any guitars, as I don’t play anymore, but I have this cheap Bass I bought to screw around with that I don’t use. Please take it”. And so, we’ve come full circle 39 years later... albeit with a Sterling Musicman Stingray Bass.
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    Cool bass enjoy!
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    RC addiction....
    Sweet, have fun with it....
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    Great story ! Cool Bass ! Congrats !
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    Dec 14, 2018
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    That's awesome. My Sub Series MusicMan bass is my favorite "budget" bass in my collection.
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    That’s good to know thanks! I wasn’t in the market for a bass, but it’ll be fun to pick up from time to time, to learn something different.
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    I have 4 basses.
    Squier VM Jazz
    Vintage Modified PJ
    Fender Blacktop Precision
    And a Sub Series, like yours, but Blue

    The Fender is MIM, and retailed for like twice the price of the MusicMan, but in my opinion, it isn't double the Bass.