NBD: 2008 Squier Classic Vibe 60's Jazz Bass

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    I try not to get too involved in the Classic Vibe China vs. Indonesia debate as I feel the later Squier's are still great instruments. But as someone who bought a Squier CV60's Strat in 2009 and just recently bought a CV50'S Strat a few months ago, I can't lie and say there's no difference. There just seems to be more care, mojo and playability present in the early CV's, but it doesn't mean the new ones are caca...they just take a bit more dialing in. The Tone Rider pups really made a huge difference, as did the beautiful dark rosewood necks.

    I played a few CV Jazz Basses the past few months and while they were excellent instruments for the price point, they did have some small issues. The vintage bridge they use is just soooo lightweight. It holds intonation and tuning well, but it just didn't inspire me.

    After checking Reverb I ran across a few older 60's CV's in Olympic White. This one had Fender Super 55 Split Coil pups installed and I was able to get a good deal on it. It's so similar to my 2009 CV 60's Strat in that it's just so well done, in every way.

    Smooth neck with immaculate frets; the chunkier bridge and brass saddles, the beautiful rosewood fingerboard and the kick ass tone. These upgraded pups are seriously badass. The bass had round wounds which sounded good, but I put some GHS Precision flats on it, the medium light gauge 45-95. It's perfect now.

    These first gen Squier Classic Vibe's are no joke. If you ever see any of the line up on sale, a good deal on a guitar or bass, they're worth buying all day long.
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    Definitely. I like the new CVs too, and maybe it’s mental, but the first gen CVs are just different. Enjoy that bass!
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    Congrats !

    Looking sharp ;)
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