My TS9 and TS5 were Stolen

Discussion in 'V.C.'s Parlor' started by richieryan, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. richieryan

    richieryan Squier-holic

    May 24, 2010
    I discovered them missing after realizing my hunting quality scoped air-rifle was missing. I found out that my 18yr-old son sold the rifle to some other teen in the apt complex. I call PD, they advise that they can't legally compel the return of my rifle, although they did manage to convince the kid and his mom that it would be the right thing to do. They further schooled me in legal issues by telling me they could not arrest my son since property in the apartment is considered communal and any resident can do whatever with the property.
    That's a very nice, socialist, collectivist point of view.
    So, my son and I are not speaking and I have to assume he sold my stompboxes as well. Good thing for him he didn't take one of my guitars or other rifles. All of my guns and gear have now been moved to an undisclosed location. (along with VP Cheney) Gee, at least he left my Vox Wah and Digitech RP150...
    It's hard to take this kind of betrayal from my oldest son. It will be years before this can be put behind us.
  2. Cherokee

    Cherokee <i>formerly dannyvawn</i>

    Apr 28, 2010
    Isle of Lucy
    I sympathize with you completely. Losing the pedals is bad enough but a sons betrayal? And to the Socialist comment. Welcome to America. You ain't seen nothing yet
  3. richieryan

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    May 24, 2010
    It's been tough to watch a country who's military I served in slide towards a police state, but we rant about and prep for those issues on other forums such as timebomb2000, okshooters, and tree of liberty(TOL). Guns are my other hobby for a reason...:cool:
  4. itsallintheblues

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Melbourne, Australia
    I'm sorry man.. I hope you're okay.. at least you still have your guitars.. that's more important..

    what was your son thinking?? I couldn't do that to my father!
  5. softwarejanitor

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Pflugerville, TX
    Your son should feel lucky he isn't kicked out on his @$$. He should have to pay to replace anything he took that wasn't his.

    I'm not sure about OK law, but I'm not sure that the police were completely correct about that. They probably just didn't want to get involved.
  6. BillStickers

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Central London, England
    That's messed...

    I hope there's some kind of resolution :(

    Any warranties or insurance you can use?

    I don't live in America and definitely cannot say for sure but I'd think the Cops are just avoiding the issue. Domestic stuff doesn't seem to matter to some Cops... they are human and some of them have their heads in their arses...
  7. jimbojo

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Rio Rancho, NM
    Please do not take this wrong at all, but I have three teanagers myself and luckily have not had this issue, but if I did the first thing I would do is drug test 'em. Coming from a recovering alchoholic/addict, stealling from family members is a big signal and just kicking an addicts a$$ will have little effect on their actions. I am glad you did recover some of you items. Definitely feelin' for you.
  8. Cherokee

    Cherokee <i>formerly dannyvawn</i>

    Apr 28, 2010
    Isle of Lucy
    I was going to say that but though i'd stay away but since it's out. I would do the same thing. Especially with a Meth problem. If it goes on it will be too late. I have lost many friends to it. Complications, suicide, murder . I'm no angel but I have been pretty much clean for 3 years. I have a drink once in a while. I can spot a user from a mile away. I was fortunate and quit on my own with no problems but most aren't that fortunate. Good luck
  9. edandis

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    Jan 12, 2010
    Orlando, Fl.
    Sorry to hear what your son did richieryan but just remember that he is still your son no matter what he did.

    I would just make him pay for it out of his own pocket. And if he doesn't have a job make him get one.
  10. richieryan

    richieryan Squier-holic

    May 24, 2010
    It seems the "law" deems that if you let someone stay at your place over 30 days, they have "rights", and you must file the eviction papers via the county court, have papers served, and that costs $$.
    I know he smokes weed. There is no way I could force him to take a drug screen any more than I can force him out. The law seems to work in favor of the offenders at times.
    If I adjust his attitude the "hands-on" way, we could both be arrested for domestic violence which could have legal ramifications for my gun ownership.
    It's a bad deal in all ways, but if he continues down this path, I expect him to be in jail.
    As for meth, I know it's around, even in the apartment complex proper. My wife is a recovered meth addict and we know her youngest son (20) is currently using. He lives with us and pals around with my oldest. Her and I have seperate apts, due to the BS drama that these "adult" children cause.
    Thank you guys for listening to my rant! It's much cheaper than a therapist...:cool:
  11. 5thumbs

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    Dec 19, 2009
    Whow that's thats a tuff one to take. Just take your time and think things out the best ya can.
  12. GukkanGwnarkill

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    Jul 20, 2010
    I'm sorry about you situation RichieRyan. Hope it all gets better for you.
  13. wickedtools

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    May 16, 2010
    west texas
    Put the material behind you and save your son, don't give up on him. He is still very young, you can get help on this. As for the 20 year old step son you can try but you need to seperate the two because the problem is there.
  14. pictoratus

    pictoratus Squier-Nut

    Apr 10, 2010
    That's a tough situation which sounds like you're not gonna have much if any control over.

    As others have said, do what you can to try to save your son but realize you may have to protect yourself and let him learn on his own and suffer his own consequences.

    Best of luck, richieryan.
  15. softwarejanitor

    softwarejanitor Squier-holic

    Apr 19, 2010
    Pflugerville, TX
    Dude, you need to get out of that situation. Seriously. Having people around who are known to use or suspected of it could have a negative impact on your freedom too. Get away from that before you get drug down by it.

    F---orget about what the law says about "rights", that's seriously messed up. If the kids aren't on the lease they need to go, or you need to leave and find somewhere else to live. If there are druggies in the complex I'd seriously be looking for somewhere better ASAP.

    What does your son have to say for himself? How does he explain why he stole? If he's unapologetic, then he isn't ready to be helped anyway.