My review on Fleor and Guitar Madness pickups.

Discussion in 'Pickup Joint' started by gary mitchell, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Yep. Donlis is from China. GM is made in Korea.
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    I don't have anything to contribute other than to say this is a fascinating discussion about one of the most subjective things about guitar playing.

    Most of us would probably agree that terrible pickups sound terrible and great pickups sound great, but really only at the extreme ends. the 90% between the bottom and the top is extremely grey.
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    Artec is Korean, and since Joe at GM also sells Artec branded pickups, it possible that his pickups are wound by Artec for him. They don't seem to be just off the shelf Artec pickups, but they could be made for him to his specs by them.
    Besides pickups, they make a lot of other stuff, including pedals and amps, including a 5 watt tube amp with impressive looking tag-board construction, and acoustic preamps and pickups, including a soundhole magnetic pickup with piezo transducer and mic.
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    Is that a soundhole pickup?

    Without meaning to sound dumb, how would one adjust the rollers with strings on the guitar? Just kinda shoving your fingers between the strings and moving them a millimeter at a time?
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    Right you are. They're South Korean. Donlis and GM appear to be resellers of these. Both of them publish the exact, identical specs for many of their Strat and Tele single coils and the '57 and '59 humbuckers.
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    With the tip of a pick, I’m thinkin’...
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    Feb 18, 2020
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    This is what my Ibanez looks like now, with the Fleor pickups and GM P90 0r P94. after all the trouble it rocks now. ITS WHAT I CALL MY DEFORM STRAT. 119948185_646403196311927_5007745160482722766_n.jpg 119703562_646403139645266_2191130953458881890_n.jpg
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