My Fender Family Photo


Nov 20, 2019
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Left to Right
2021 Squire Affinity Tele
2012 Squire SE (modded to Jake E Lee pickup setup)
2005 MIM Standard Stratocaster (modded to David Gilmore Specs)
1993 American Standard Stratocaster (modded to first Eric Clapton Signature Specs) I purchased New in '93

not pictured 1989 Squire HM-1: it is at work
Nice family,now you need to get the offset uncle.

Reverend Bow

Squier Talker
Jul 2, 2022
Southwest AZ
I like the gargantuan one in the center
They both are Johnson USA/Stremel model S-46. Made right here in Yuma, AZ.

The one in the middle is Canary Wood, Purpleheart, and Maple.


The on one the right was a project I did with the builder. He did the Body,Neck,pickguard, I did the electronics. That body is Mahogony, Purpleheart, Canarywood


They are 2 of the most comfortable guitars to play, especially the middle one, comfort cuts in all the right places.

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