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    Feb 4, 2016
    OK, so I really don't need another bass. But MF has a sale on Mitchell MB100 Short Scale electric basses for $89.99 and free shipping. I had some store credit burning a hole in my pocket, so I ordered a Powder Blue model. Actually, another short scale won't hurt! They are (and were yesterday) listed as in stock, so I purchased one, only to be notified later that they were on back order. Well, today I checked their website and they were listed as back in stock, but my order page still showed my purchase as back ordered.

    I called MF this afternoon to find out what the story was. Their people are still working from home, and the girl that I got didn't seem to know. After contacting a supervisor at my request, she advised that they had a few in stock "at a couple of their stores". Of course she was referring to GC. Upon further inquiry, she admitted that if I wanted one of those, it would most likely be a demoed floor model and not new in the box. I told her that I didn't want something that numerous people had beat on, and in that case I'd wait for a new shipment to come in. She said they weren't expecting any new ones for about a month.

    How can a business stay alive if it is run like that? It's in stock, it's backordered, the next day it's in stock (but only at one of their stores), and although you bought what you thought was a new bass in the factory box, you would be receiving something that has been heavily thrashed by many aspiring musicians. It won't be here for Christmas, but I guess I'll just tread water and play one of my other basses!
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    probably get worse before it gets better... good luck!
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    It’s not always a floor model, but on items that have not many stocked (usually either a very low priced, or high priced items) it happens. My Martin OOO cutaway shipped from one of my local Guitar Center‘s when I ordered it off musicians friend… I stopped the delivery and went to pick it up at the store to make sure that it wasn’t a beat up demo unit (ironically I had been to that very store just a week before to play that exact same model, I was happy to see that mine was actually new in the box, and not the floor model).
    Musicians friend has on occasion been sketchy before, but this guitar shortage, and pandemic has really made them do some weird stuff.
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    Currently in negotiation regarding a "New" guitar from M.F.
    that came from G.C. and was not new.
    Let the games begin :)
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