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    Feb 18, 2020
    So I posted before about joining Urban Workshop. I had the 'new member' class yesterday, and have 'woodshop 101 tomorrow. I am not a noob to woodshop, but insurance requirements prevail, and there's a couple machines I haven't used before.

    I have about 30 pieces of 2x4 trimmed down to 1.5x3x22 true, and my template says 5 pieces per telecaster, so I have enough for 6 bodies right now, plus the first successful glue-up i did. Remember, the redwood one is firewood due to a Homer moment.

    What I've done is go to Home Depot and pick through the kiln dried 2x4's for straight, but knotty lumber. Got some good stuff. Sorted it today hoping for at least 1 glue-up, but alas, all need (some not by much) truing on the jointer.

    A cool thing about the shop is that scrap wood is communal. I found some nice scraps of 1/8 plywood and am making a couple 'master' template patters for pup cutouts, but there is also a piece big enough for an experiment.

    I have no idea at all if this is a common use or not, but it's what my brain spat out. I traced my tele template onto it, and am going to do an inside rout to it, i.e., make a tele-shaped 'window'. that will let me place it on a slab and move it around to where I think it looks best,....including or eliminating certain knots and grain patterns. I also spend more than a little time deciding where to do the first 2x4x8 cuts (down to 22 inches), as well as sorting through the wood to put the pieces together in a very specific sequence. I used to do that when I was in the Ricky woodshop. I always paid attention to grain and wood color. I like to think that I sent pieces down the line that more than once got finished clear rather than painted because it turned out really nice.

    Anyhow, end-of-day tomorrow I'm hoping for some happy happy joy joy...
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