Monoprice Indio Tele $70 shipped (Blue only!) with gig bag


Nov 20, 2019
They didn't take long to sell out!

I wonder if you created a backorder with them, the would still honor the sale price. Did you ask about that option?
No ,my goal was to wait because I really don’t need another inexpensive Tele clone.If it was an offset or something like an SG that would be a whole different story.


Feb 4, 2016
They are back in stock, but at $109.99. Mine arrived yesterday, and the shipping carton looked like it had been in a war zone. Fortunately, the guitar was inside of a padded gig bag. The only damage was a ding to the bottom edge. I called Monoprice and they offered to ship me a new one at no expense to me, or give me a $20 refund, which I accepted. The guitar itself is decent, requiring only a small adjustment to the intonation. It had fret sprout, which I fixed with a sanding block in about 5 minutes. The neck is rather beefy and plays well, and all of the components work. So I ended up with a $49 Tele that sounds and plays good, complete with a gig bag. I was surprised at how easy Monoprice was to deal with regarding the damage.