Mods and stuff you thought would be cool that weren’t


Jun 29, 2015
Bigsby in my LTD 301. It was much better sounding with the regular hard tail bridge. It had more sustain.

I have it set up well and it stays remarkably well in tune. It’s just that it doesn’t have the good sustain anymore like when it was a fixed bridge.


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Davis Sharp

Dr. Squier
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Jan 7, 2016
Maryland, USA
I coil-split a wide range humbucker on a Tele. The WRHB has about the same output as a single coil. So, after figuring out the wiring for the push-pull pot, melting the circuit board with the soldering iron, and switching to a PPP with lugs, I ended up with a weak HB. I changed it back to it's original state. I wish I could say that I learned something in the process, other than never to do it again.


Apr 20, 2017
Winnipeg Canada
I've tried so much stuff on my poor strat. Treble bleeds, I did the Lucille things similar to RadioTech with a different cap on a rotary switch. I've done the parallel/series switch. I even tried putting an active preamp from an acoustic guitar into that poor guitar. I've kept none of it. the preamp never worked and the other mods just didn't change things enough for me to bother. Plus, all the extra bits introduced a lot of 60cycle hum.

The strat is back to normal now, except for wonky wiring. I think my middle knob is the bridge pickup tone. I was so glad just to get sound out of it after reversing everything that I just left it as is.

I'd like to say I don't mod anything anymore but I'd be lying. I modded my G3Mini last night. lol Now the mods I do are mostly for aesthetics. I've added fretboard stickers to my 335s to cover the dots. took 10 minutes and really changes the look of the guitar.


Apr 10, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal
blender mod? i like daquiries

I actually enjoy this one on my SE, though I have to admit, in all fairness, I use mine more of an on/off switch. The actual blending function that justifies sacrificing a tone pot over a simple push-pull... not so much.

Another thing that sounds a lot cooler in theory than how you find yourself using - kill switches. Folks like Buckethead and John 5 make great use of those, and the whole idea of having an arcade style button cutting off the sound seemed pretty rad. Fortunately I've used a cheap project to test that out before actually drilling a pickguard off one of my regulars to realise the disappointing novelty it actually is.


Jun 29, 2015
I remember as a kid I hated the setting on the otherwise functional wah that gave it a thin nasally tone. What a stupid thing on my wah and who would use that? I liked my regular wah better than the newfangled wah from same company,

I never wanted to accidentally hit that top boost setting on the new wah on any song. I thought maybe it was broken.

But then I heard Queen.

OK, I get it now.
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Cough Syrup

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Aug 30, 2022
Northern California
I put a high mass bridge on a cheap micro-scale no-name jazz bass, hoping to improve the sustain. I filled the holes with dowels and wood glue, sanded them down, drilled the new holes with a drill press, the whole nine yards. Once I put the bridge on, it sounded amazing but felt like it practically doubled the weight of the bass and actually made it hard to play on my thigh. Plus, the bridge was probably a third the cost of the bass to begin with. Took it off and sent it back months ago and still haven't gotten around to putting the old bridge back on.


Jun 29, 2015
While I am over the 80s and heyday of when HSS ruled in the narrow world of lead guitarists, I want to get a Squier I can change from SSS to a HSS type but maybe Little ‘59 or Gibson P-90 sounding DiMarzio SDS-1 bridge pickup.

I know there are many here who hate Little ‘59 type pickups claiming they’re too compressed or really don’t sound like a full sized humbucker.

At least I could reverse this mod.
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Nov 15, 2021
Fagaras, Romania
When I was a teenager I thought nothing could be cooler than a Flying V. Years passed and I got an Epi 95 flying V in a bit of a bad shape. I restored it to "reasonably close to what it meant" back in the day and whoa... talk about underwhelming. Bone nut , Epi 59's .. the previous owner did something to it- and adapted the Tele circuit to it, transplanted a Tele kit to its normal pickguard . Sounds interesting like that...but instead of a three way/fiive way he put a blend knob. The guitar sounds divine, but ... you can't hold the damn thing.. it even feels wrong on a strap, or in the case, does not stay well on the stand or in the rack , needs a bigger custom gigbag... the only place it looks fine is..on the wall. Yup it's an eye catcher. Pity, it does sound good- for all the 5 minutes I can bear to contort myself to hold it...


Jan 1, 2022
Ashtabula OH
Popular things comes and goes, like Fashion and Fad.

What's new gets old, what's old becomes new.

One have a NEW idea, others say "What you have?"

All copy idea, then fades like morning dew.

What will come next? That's up to you!

Hey there guys sorry to barge in on a productive discussion but got damn, that right there could be written on my headstone. Ok carry on