Long Scale Jagmaster Pickguard?

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    Jun 5, 2019
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    I searched a few different ways on here and didn’t find the info, so I thought I’d start a newbie-new thread.

    Does anyone have a bead on replacement Jagmaster long scale pickguards? Previous owner modded the pickguard in the worst way, and the added a bunch of stickers.

    Best I could find were in the $80 range, which is too salty for my taste.


    P.S. - I can’t post the back of the guitar because I would have to redact 90% of the surface. He kept the real foul stuff for himself it appears

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    Jagmaster pickguards are very hard to find. Others on this forum found out as well. I think I bought the last new one about a year ago :)
    Maybe find a site that does custom order pg’s and send them a template?
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    Mar 23, 2016
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    I never found a seller that carried jagmaster pickguards when I was looking for one. I think the custom route is the only way to go.
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  4. corn

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    I have templates for tons of stuff but not that one. If you’re willing to send the pg and new pg material, I can make them
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    Oct 6, 2019