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  1. LutherBurger

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    Sep 2, 2015
  2. TWANG

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    Jan 5, 2011
    hot dogs are not real unless they are covered with chili and topped with cheese. I have spoken.
    also, les pauls must have bigsby.

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  3. Eddd

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    Nov 20, 2019
    But that’s a chilli cheese dog, but I guess it’s pretty much the same.
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  4. BarnyardShark1979

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    Jul 9, 2020
    Baltimore Maryland
    Although I haven't specifically looked up the serial number, I believe it's a 2012. I bought it in September of 2012 as a Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day for $89.99 (thus a real-deal P94 would be like $40 more than I paid for the entire guitar!).

    I have been sorta kicking around the idea of getting a GuitarFetish kwikplug harness and popping one of their P94-alikes in there, since I don't own any P-90 equipped guitars. I just got it back a couple weeks ago, it had been living with a friend since about... 2015... I think. It plays great and it's super light weight, I'd be surprised if it weighed 4 lbs.
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  5. Eddd

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    Nov 20, 2019
    Do you put ketchup on it?
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  6. Archangelmm

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    Nov 26, 2017
    Valrico, Fl
    Dirty Harry quote: Nobody, I mean nobody puts Ketchup on a hotdog!

    I personally like Mustard and Onions, sometimes a Chili Cheese Dog.
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  7. Blues256

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    Apr 3, 2020
  8. Number 6

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    Nov 15, 2020
    Great White North
    Autocorrect sucks sometimes--Chili Cheese Dog--not what I typed up there.
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  9. Robb

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Chertsey Canada.

    I would !!

    BTW those dogs in Lachute aer GREAT and it's been a long time since I had one there.
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  10. Eddd

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    Nov 20, 2019
    O’frits used to be my favourite but they sorta went down hill.but the best dogs in that area are at le Petite Baril on the river in pine hill across from the old PineHill hotel.Bar none these are the best dogs I have ever had at a casse croute.
  11. archetype

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    My SIL is the same. I gave up on serving him good food. I like ketchup, but... damn.