Kahler Flyer anyone?


Jun 5, 2019
Indianapolis, IN
I can handle Floyd Rose trems, strats, bigsby, and jazzmaster/Jaguar, but I’ve never owned a Kahler until today.

I got a 1984 Hondo Fame Mastercaster cheap, and will see if I can get it back to playing shape.

There’s a website for parts (whammyparts.com), so I feel like that won’t be the issues. Anyone with experience have watchouts? (Besides “don’t get tetanus from those strings.”)
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Feb 7, 2012
New strings, a fine tuner and a lock nut screw and probably the plate inside that the screw goes into will get you in the ballpark.
And a bar if you want to use it lol

I generally don't use the trems on mine so many times I don't lock the nut.
20210125_172414 (2).jpg 20210125_172336.jpg

I actually took the locking nut off of this guitar. I'll probably put it back at some point.
20200412_130503.jpg 20200412_130527.jpg


Sep 23, 2011
I have a Hondo with the same Kahler Flyer. When setting up the Flyer make sure the the break angle of the strings are correct if you want it to stay in tune after a bar dive. The easiest way to explain and to visualize this is if you look at the hands of a clock. You want the strings break angle at 8 and 4 o’clock. Plus make sure you oil the roller on the saddles. I put just a drop of 3 in one machine oil on each saddle. Also the Kahler web site states you should only use .009 to .042 strings. Nice guitar enjoy it.

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