Is this an SE?

Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by Michael7, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Sorry, followed the link. It has the black logo so I think it might be.
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    It's most likely a mid '90s MIK with a ply body. SE's didn't have trapezoid tuners like the ones in the ad. The serial number is probably stamped on the neck plate.
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    Based on the body color I'd say no. The neck looks like it could be from an SE.

    Edit - I'm gonna change up. I don't think the neck is from an SE. The inlays at the 12th are too wide apart.
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    Those look like MIK tuners to me too. I also don't think SEs have the truss rod plug in the head stock.

    It seems to have a sticker fading just below the bridge.

    Maybe worth checking out.
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    Definitely not an SE neck and probably not the body either. SE necks don’t have a plastic insert for the truss rod adjustment and the 12th fret dot are too far apart. The body is the wrong color and wrong pickguard. Both of those could have been changed though. My guess is an Affinity or Bullet. Did the MIK guitars have the plastic insert? I don’t know much about those.
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    I have a VN5

    I love it, but I made a lot of upgrades. It’s a thin plywood body with a fantastic neck. Gets more action now than any of my 10 electric guitars.

    I created a thread last year to ask questions and chart my journey / upgrades. I want to build another but I wouldn’t pay $150, mine was $50. Never seen a white one either only red and black so this is a interesting post.

    Keep us updated.
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